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I’m going to build an ark.

July 29, 2007

Ala Noah style.  If you live in Central Texas you’ll know why.  If you don’t… let’s just say that this summer has royally sucked due to the weather.  I can handle rain, what’s a little wet, right?  But every single day for the past 1.5+ months?  Wait, I take that back, two Sundays ago it was bright and sunny and nary a rain drop in sight.

I started the gathered halter top a few days ago.  Unfortunately my husband took the digital camera to Japan, but I suppose I could use my camera phone.  I also bought a ton of yarn to begin the crisp rectangle tunic top, but I’m having a change of heart with that project.  First of all it took me ages of poring over the pattern to figure out that it is knit side/side as opposed to  top/bottom or bottom/top.  I’m still trying to figure out the whole first half/second half and how exactly that works.  On top of which the pattern actually expects you to be “creative” and make up your own random knit/purl pattern.  I don’t think my anal retentive self can handle it, I’ve already restarted the project twice  because the knit/purls didn’t look “random” enough.  How’s that for “crazy?”  Oh but I love the project… I’m going to try and persevere and not be so anal about the pattern.



July 26, 2007

At that point where I’m not sure what to knit next, and am not really inspired by anything, which only means one thing – yarn shopping! I’ve found that nothing can be more inspiring than surrounding yourself with tons of wonderful, lovely yarn. The colors, the textures, the weight, the smell, the feel… yarn shopping is one big yarn-gasm! I try to keep my excitement on the down low, but every once in awhile a little *gasp* or squeal of delight will escape from between my lips as I run my fingers over balls and skeins and hanks. I can’t wait to go yarn shopping tomorrow!

Interweave Knits  Winter 2007  fall preview time! This immediately jumped out at me!



Other items that caught my interest.





Hubby begins a new adventure on Saturday. His first trip to Japan and he has to be at the airport for a 7a.m. flight. I am not a morning person. Oh, I’m great at getting up when I need to, but nothing beats lounging in bed, especially when you’re in that place that’s half way between being half awake and half asleep. You know that point, the one where you fall back to sleep without even trying to or realizing it and 1.5 hours later you wake up again and stretch your entire body and think to yourself “Damn that was heavenly!” Anyway, he’ll be gone for three weeks, but the good news is that the kids go back to school later this year and he will be here for meet the teacher night and first day of school. He’ll travel to Japan for two weeks and then he’ll be back home for four weeks until Feb. It’s kind of cool because we have a niece in Japan and he’ll get to visit her, and his company is very cool about flying the whole family out on occasion while he works! That’s pretty exciting and of course my first thought is JAPANESE YARN!

Lacy Skirt With Bows

July 22, 2007




Lacy Skirt With Bows 


Pattern Source:  Greetings From Knit Cafe – Suzan Mischer

Pattern:  Lacy Skirt With Bows – Kat Coyle

Yarn:  Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Victorian Pink – 3.75 skeins used

Needles:  US #6 – 32″ circular Knit Pick Options

US #5 – 24″ Inox Express circular

Gauge: 5 stitches/per inch – on smaller needles

Size: Small

Modifications:  There were no major modifications other than the fact that I knit in the round instead of knitting the back and front separately.  I began by knitting 24 rows of all six panels separately.  Then I connected three panels for the front, and then three panels for the back, and after finishing another 24 rows of the lace for both sides, I connected both the front and back panels together and began knitting in the round.   And of course I used ribbon instead of another yarn for the bows.

 Thoughts:  My favorite skirt so far!  The fit is beautiful, the color is awesome, the yarn is extremely light and works well with the TX heat.  I would definitely make another one, maybe one in black for more formal occasions.   It was also an amazingly quick knit.  I started this project in the wee hours of the 17th, and lightly blocked it last night, so just under four days I was able to finish it.  This is my second Kat Coyle skirt and I have to say that her designs are so feminine without being too overpoweringly “girlie.”

Conclusion:  Lacy Skirt with Bows – I love you!














Another skirt?

July 19, 2007

Hey why not!


Lovely! I’ve recycled the brown sheep cotton fleece from the *ahem* unmentionable shorts.  I’m thinking brown ribbon?  Oh and I got my ravelry invite.  Like a kid in a candy store!

Unmentionable indeed

July 17, 2007


I can say for certainty that I do not like knit pants. I do not like them Sam I Am. I do not like pink knit pants. The ruffle only adds to the horrible-ness of these highly unattractive things. To prove my point. I tried them on and showed my husband and he immediately started laughing and said something about my looking like a clown…. He tried to cover his ass by claiming they were “cute” and something you would see on Sex and the City as one of Carrie’s “experimental” outfits. He of course didn’t know her name… he just said, “Something from Sex and the City.” This clinched it for me. While I love that show, I hated almost every single one of Carrie’s hideous outfits. Good bye pink pj pants. I hardly knew ye.

*Disclaimer* I am not discouraging anything from knitting Unmentionables. It is a very cute pattern, they look adorable on the model. Just be forewarned though, if you have no ass, knit pants accentuates this fact and if you have skinny chicken like legs, the wide leg and even wider ruffle definitely looks very silly.


Knit Pants?

July 16, 2007

They aren’t exactly flattering or maybe that’s due to the fact I have no ass….  Pair that with ruffled wide legs and my rather skinny chicken like legs….   Regardless, I’m thinking that maybe unmentionables is one of those projects that will be frogged… and soon.



Clearly they aren’t finished yet, they lack the ruffle and lace edge. Unfortunately, I’m not even sure if I want to put that much work into it. They’re cute in theory.

The Horror

July 13, 2007

We had to go to Houston yesterday to pick up hubby’s passport and to prepare for the three hour drive, I put my knitting in my purse.  Do you know that purse+knitting+kid’s drinks+spillage do not equal a happy ending?
As I stuck my hand in my purse I immediately felt “wet.”  I pulled out my digital camera which was decidedly damp, the wallet was wet, my little makeup bag was wet and as this realization hit me, I frantically pulled out my knitting only to find….


The scream that came from my mouth was very reminiscent of a crack addict going to her stash only to find that her dog had peed all over it.  OMG!  Apparently the drink that spilled in my purse reacted with a blue pen I had in my purse, which in turn stained my yarn.  *Hyperventilating,* *Deep Breaths,* *Eyes glazed over,* *Brain dead*

And then came the ranting.  “NO MORE DRINKS IN MY CAR.  EVER!  YOU ARE SO LUCKY I LOVE YOU BECAUSE….”   I will omit the rest, for my uhhhh…. protection.  *looks around furtively*   Oh and why do my kids always laugh when I go crazy?  “Mommy you are so funny!” *Insert peals of laughter*  NO, damnit, I am scary and bad ass.  FEAR ME.    The good news is that while my kids think I’m nuts and apparently hilarious as hell, I just cut that ball and attached a new one.  Unfortunately,  that is virtually an entire ball of yarn that is completely ruined.  *sigh*

Yarns to Ewe

July 10, 2007

Seriously cute name for a yarn store! It’s in Houston and the women there are so nice and friendly. We had to go to Houston today to get a “one day” passport for my husband, and by “one day” the regional passport office really means “1-2 days.” We have to go back on Thursday to pick it up. It’s a good 2.5-3 hour drive there, but I think we’re going to spend the night and come home on Friday and do some things around Houston. Anyway… I bought some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and am all geared up to knit Unmentionables from! I wonder if you could wear them out and about? Also, is there a KAL for this? I am off to google!







We’re bored

July 7, 2007

From the mouths of babes. My daughter had a sleepover with two of her friends and after raiding my clothes, shoes, make-up and having played with every single one of her toys and watched a bazillion movies, they declared they had nothing to do and were really really bored, so obviously my only response was…

“Want me to teach you how to knit?”



The only one who was really interested was my daughter but the other two were patient enough to let me “teach” them and it was decided that after “teaching” them how to cast on and knit, they only really enjoyed casting on. My daughter on the other hand loved casting on and got the hang of the knit stitch fairly well. Yay Emily! She’s very excited. She claims she’s going to make herself a shirt. I think we’ll start on simple squares first though.

Spicy Fitted V-Neck Tee

July 5, 2007




Pattern Notes

Pattern Source: Fitted Knits – Stephanie Japel


Yarn: Rowan All Season Cotton in Safari. Approx. 3.5 balls


Needles: #10 1/2 US Knit Pick Options Circular 24″


Gauge: 4 stitches per inch


Modifications: Smaller gauge because the pattern starts at a size 34″ bust. I added more length in the waist and decided to forgo the details on the sleeves and shortened them.


Thoughts: Even though it was knit on huge needles and with aran weight yarn I was surprised at how quickly I was able to finish this. It’s also extremely light and perfect for summer. Hubby thinks I should definitely knit another one and I love it so much I just may!