I’m going to build an ark.

Ala Noah style.  If you live in Central Texas you’ll know why.  If you don’t… let’s just say that this summer has royally sucked due to the weather.  I can handle rain, what’s a little wet, right?  But every single day for the past 1.5+ months?  Wait, I take that back, two Sundays ago it was bright and sunny and nary a rain drop in sight.

I started the gathered halter top a few days ago.  Unfortunately my husband took the digital camera to Japan, but I suppose I could use my camera phone.  I also bought a ton of yarn to begin the crisp rectangle tunic top, but I’m having a change of heart with that project.  First of all it took me ages of poring over the pattern to figure out that it is knit side/side as opposed to  top/bottom or bottom/top.  I’m still trying to figure out the whole first half/second half and how exactly that works.  On top of which the pattern actually expects you to be “creative” and make up your own random knit/purl pattern.  I don’t think my anal retentive self can handle it, I’ve already restarted the project twice  because the knit/purls didn’t look “random” enough.  How’s that for “crazy?”  Oh but I love the project… I’m going to try and persevere and not be so anal about the pattern.


One Response to “I’m going to build an ark.”

  1. Haley Says:

    I have a good friend in Austin. I feel your pain about the rain. I don’t know the pattern you’re working on, but if you need to be random with something, you can roll a die or flip a coin to decide if you’re going to knit or purl. just a thought.

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