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Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top

August 30, 2007



Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top

Pattern: Fitted Knits -Stephanie Japel

Yarn – 8 skeins Berroco Softwist

Needles: #7 US, #5 US Knit pick circulars

Gauge: 5 stitchs/per inch on #7US needles

Modifications: In order to obtain proper fit I had to make several major modifications. First of all the top starts out at a 36″ bust and goes up from there, which almost made me scrap the entire project and work on something else… but in the end I decided to use this as an opportunity to put my own touch to the pattern.

The tunic is knit from side to side and in two pieces – front and back. Both sides are separated into two sections – first half and second half. The front has neckline short rows to accommodate breasts along with waistline short rows. The back only has waistline short rows. Not being blessed in the breast department I omitted the 7th, 8th, and 9th neckline short row on the first half of the front. The pattern then calls to knit until the piece measures 10.5 inches – I ignored this step and went right into the second half of the front. Because of the neckline short rows I omitted in the first half I started the second half with the 13th neckline short row, which is Row 15 of the second half of the front. In the end the front measured approximately 13.5 inches, down the middle where no short rows occurred.

No major modifications were done to the back. The only exception being the width overall which was slightly larger than the front at 14.5 inches. The other modification I made was the number of cast on stitches. Because I used a yarn that had slightly smaller gauge than what the pattern called for, I cast on more stitches(9o) to accommodate the length. I also omitted the buttonholes because at first I wasn’t sure I wanted open sleeves, so the sleeves are sewn together with the button and I only added two(just for aesthetic reasons.)

Pattern Notes: I have to admit this one challenged me. I just didn’t get the whole knit side to side knitting, on top of that I just didn’t really understand the first/second half until I started knitting. I had to cast on several times over again in order to get an appropriate length.

The pattern is also slightly confusing. For instance when you’re working on the second half of the front, the odd side rows are the RS, while in the first half the even side rows were the RS. I also noticed that the ribbing along the sleeves, neckline, and waist are all backwards and after having to rip a sleeve, I decided to wing it and used the pictures in the book as a guide.

Errata: There is NO errata for this pattern although there should be. I would email Stephanie but can not find her email address anywhere.

Thoughts: Challenging, fun, I love the color, it’s not a pattern I’d knit again though. After awhile it wasn’t something I knit because I loved, it was something I knit because I dedicated myself to it and wanted to follow through. I love the top though!



















Ow! Cramp.

August 26, 2007

A lot of knitting this weekend. My tunic has slowly gone from




Not only that.


Yes. We have front and back. The front also has a neckline and two sleeves. No wonder my hands and fingers are so sore. I think I may need to take a break but it’s so hard to stop especially when you start to  see some real progress and can finally picture the construction in your head.

Duuuude… Random!

August 23, 2007


The beginnings of the crisp rectangle tunic from Fitted Knits. It’s been awhile since a pattern has “challenged” me… I’d have to say this particular piece has had me in the corner, rocking back and forth and talking to myself. I must be the only person on the face of the earth who upon reading that it was knit side to side, still didn’t realize that it was knit side to side. I literally sat for a good 30 minutes staring at the pattern instructions and then at the pictures in the book trying to figure out where the seed stitch edging came into play because of for some reason I couldn’t wrap my brain around the fact that it isn’t knit bottom up. Oy vey. I’m trying to not be so anal about the whole randomness of the pattern, in general I like things to look uniform and even. I think I’m doing okay so far but trust me, it isn’t easy.

I’m flattered!

August 19, 2007

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Gracefully Gathered Halter Top and Boy Shorts

August 19, 2007




Gracefully Gathered Halter Top and Boy Shorts 

Pattern Source:  Knitting Lingerie Style – Joan McGowan-Michael

Yarn:  Berroco Pure Merino, 5 balls.

Needles:  10 1/2 US, 9 US – Knit Pick Options Circular

 Gauge: 3.5 stitches per/inch

Size:  32 Halter/32 Shorts

Modifications:   In order to obtain gauge I had to go up a  size for both the smaller and larger needles.  I also added at least an inch of length in the waist.  The boy shorts are extremely low so I plan to pick up stitches along the top and add more height and also accommodate a bow tie closure as opposed to the elastic.

Thoughts:  I love it!  My husband took one look at the shorts and said “OMG… where are you planning on wearing those?!”  I had to explain to him they were pj’s, in which he replied “OH thank god.”  Poor guy almost had a heart attack.












No knitting

August 6, 2007

It had literally stalled, until today.  I cast on for the crisp rectangle tunic top from Fitted Knits.  After much thought I finally decided to throw caution to the wind and completely ignore gauge.  I know… EEK!  There is logic behind this I swear!  The pattern starts at a 36″ bust, so if logic prevails, if I go down a needle size and use a yarn that has slightly smaller gauge, I should get a top that fits my bust size.  Right?  As for the halter top and boy shorts from Knitting Lingerie Style, it is exactly the same as when I last left it.  Unfinished.  I’m not a huge fan of variegated yarn, mostly because you can never be positive about the color variations.  I bought about four balls of variegated yarn, all in the same dye lot, except as I was knitting with the second ball I realized that towards the middle, the yarn is a lot lighter than the other three balls.  I decided to use it anyway and I’m not exactly happy with the results.

I took my kids to see the latest Harry Potter movie.  I’m embarrassed to admit I teared up several times.   I won’t even discuss the last Harry Potter book.  Tears.