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Has it really been a month?

September 25, 2008

Wow.  I hadn’t realized that it had been so long since I posted.  You would think since the kids are back in school I’d have a ton more time to dedicate to my “art.”  Unfortunately just because they aren’t around eight hours of the day, doesn’t mean I have tons of free time, although I admit I have more free time than I should.

I have been busy knitting, designing, and ripping.  It seems like I’ve been doing the latter the most.

Flared Sweater – Own design (poorly thought out.)

Knit with Hempwol from Knitting With Hemp.  Lovely yarn.  I think it would have looked a lot better with less buttonholes and bigger buttons.  I also did not like the collar, it was too tight.  RIP.

#28 Short Sleeved Blouson – Knit.1 Summer 2007

I fell in love with this shirt after seeing several FO’s on Ravelry, and even though many people had issues with the bagginess, I assumed that since I am a pro at taking bigger patterns and scaling them down to fit, I wouldn’t have the same issues as others.  I was wrong, so very very wrong.  The top was so huge it could have only fit if I had magically grown double F’s (do those exist?) overnight.  Fortunately I am determined (ie. crazy) enough to try and discover the mystery of this short sleeved blouson.  RIP.

DROPS Lace Tank

Third time might be the charm.  I had to restart this top because I had done the rib in a smaller needle only to find that it was really tight, but not so tight that it wouldn’t have worked, but being the way I am (crazy) I chose to frog and go up a needle size so that there was not as much stress on the yarn.  Again, this is coming out fairly baggy, but according to the pattern it’s supposed to be pretty loose (but not as loose as a two bit whore.)  I’m thinking about making a few changes, one of which might be 3/4 sleeves instead of short sleeves.

I’ve been itching to find the perfect sweater because for some reason I’m really determined to knit a sweater before the cold weather comes (which lasts for maybe 2 hours here in Central Texas.)  Oooh.  Slightly off track, I did take the opportunity to pull out my girlie cobblestone and wear it the other morning when it was a nippy 60 degrees out.  Yay!  I was thinking of using the hempwol to knit Gathered Pullover but I’m not entirely sold on the idea because the hempwol has speckles of cream and I can’t get over the idea that the Gathered Pullover has to be in a solid color.

BTW, hope everyone is planning on tuning into the big debate on Friday!