Spicy Fitted V-Neck Tee




Pattern Notes

Pattern Source: Fitted Knits – Stephanie Japel


Yarn: Rowan All Season Cotton in Safari. Approx. 3.5 balls


Needles: #10 1/2 US Knit Pick Options Circular 24″


Gauge: 4 stitches per inch


Modifications: Smaller gauge because the pattern starts at a size 34″ bust. I added more length in the waist and decided to forgo the details on the sleeves and shortened them.


Thoughts: Even though it was knit on huge needles and with aran weight yarn I was surprised at how quickly I was able to finish this. It’s also extremely light and perfect for summer. Hubby thinks I should definitely knit another one and I love it so much I just may!










16 Responses to “Spicy Fitted V-Neck Tee”

  1. Nikki Says:

    This looks great! It really fits you perfectly. I didn’t even realize the All Seasons was so bulky. Somehow, though, it doesn’t look bulky on you.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    The All Seasons is aran weight. Sorry! It’s very light.

  3. mari Says:

    Wow! You are quick. It looks great.

  4. Soknitpicky Says:

    This is cool looking! And you are amazingly fast as always! Great job!

  5. elanknits Says:

    I don’t even remember seeing that in the book. I want it, I need it, great job.

  6. kat Says:

    looks great

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    Pg 30!

    Thanks so much for the compliments. 😀

  8. Erik Says:

    Dang, all your stuff looks great!

  9. katarinaknits Says:

    it’s just gorgeous! i just have to get that book asap.

  10. pax Says:

    You are quickly knitter.Great looks nice on you.

  11. eliza Says:

    you picked a great color and i like that you did your own thing with the sleeves. i just got this book myself and am trying to decide what to tackle first! thanks for sharing.

  12. Kaitlin Says:

    Fantastic job! Any tips on speedy knitting? Do you knit continental? I just LOVE instant gratification!

  13. Maryse Says:

    Nice blog! You make good knitting choices! I’ll make sure to come back often…

  14. Elizabeth Says:

    Kaitlin – Yes I knit continental. I stay up way too late, knitting into the wee hours of the morning. I need to stop doing that when school starts up again, but regardless of my knitting habits, this particular project went very quickly because the needles are large and the yarn is thick. Even I was surprised it only took three days!

    Thanks Maryse!

  15. Stacey Says:

    I didn’t realize that is what the back looked like!! Looks frantically for my book! :oD

  16. Gail Says:

    Yeah!!! Great job on the tee. I want one now.

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