At that point where I’m not sure what to knit next, and am not really inspired by anything, which only means one thing – yarn shopping! I’ve found that nothing can be more inspiring than surrounding yourself with tons of wonderful, lovely yarn. The colors, the textures, the weight, the smell, the feel… yarn shopping is one big yarn-gasm! I try to keep my excitement on the down low, but every once in awhile a little *gasp* or squeal of delight will escape from between my lips as I run my fingers over balls and skeins and hanks. I can’t wait to go yarn shopping tomorrow!

Interweave Knits  Winter 2007  fall preview time! This immediately jumped out at me!



Other items that caught my interest.





Hubby begins a new adventure on Saturday. His first trip to Japan and he has to be at the airport for a 7a.m. flight. I am not a morning person. Oh, I’m great at getting up when I need to, but nothing beats lounging in bed, especially when you’re in that place that’s half way between being half awake and half asleep. You know that point, the one where you fall back to sleep without even trying to or realizing it and 1.5 hours later you wake up again and stretch your entire body and think to yourself “Damn that was heavenly!” Anyway, he’ll be gone for three weeks, but the good news is that the kids go back to school later this year and he will be here for meet the teacher night and first day of school. He’ll travel to Japan for two weeks and then he’ll be back home for four weeks until Feb. It’s kind of cool because we have a niece in Japan and he’ll get to visit her, and his company is very cool about flying the whole family out on occasion while he works! That’s pretty exciting and of course my first thought is JAPANESE YARN!


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    & Japanese knitting magazines!

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