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July 26, 2007

At that point where I’m not sure what to knit next, and am not really inspired by anything, which only means one thing – yarn shopping! I’ve found that nothing can be more inspiring than surrounding yourself with tons of wonderful, lovely yarn. The colors, the textures, the weight, the smell, the feel… yarn shopping is one big yarn-gasm! I try to keep my excitement on the down low, but every once in awhile a little *gasp* or squeal of delight will escape from between my lips as I run my fingers over balls and skeins and hanks. I can’t wait to go yarn shopping tomorrow!

Interweave Knits  Winter 2007  fall preview time! This immediately jumped out at me!



Other items that caught my interest.





Hubby begins a new adventure on Saturday. His first trip to Japan and he has to be at the airport for a 7a.m. flight. I am not a morning person. Oh, I’m great at getting up when I need to, but nothing beats lounging in bed, especially when you’re in that place that’s half way between being half awake and half asleep. You know that point, the one where you fall back to sleep without even trying to or realizing it and 1.5 hours later you wake up again and stretch your entire body and think to yourself “Damn that was heavenly!” Anyway, he’ll be gone for three weeks, but the good news is that the kids go back to school later this year and he will be here for meet the teacher night and first day of school. He’ll travel to Japan for two weeks and then he’ll be back home for four weeks until Feb. It’s kind of cool because we have a niece in Japan and he’ll get to visit her, and his company is very cool about flying the whole family out on occasion while he works! That’s pretty exciting and of course my first thought is JAPANESE YARN!


Life’s little annoyances

June 4, 2007

My husband for all extent and purposes is a good man. Good father, good husband, good provider, good son, good brother, good brother in law…. Just an all around good person. Unfortunately the man drives me absolutely ape shit nuts. Oh sure he doesn’t try to, he probably doesn’t even realize he’s driving me ape shit nuts, but the fact of the matter is, the man is so scatter brained and his lack of common sense would drive any sane person insane.

For instance, when he loses things, or “misplaces” things, like his shoes and the way he “looks” for them. We have lived in this house for over three years now and shoes have always gone in the front coat closet. Everyone knows this, people who don’t even live with us knows this. We’ll be ready to walk out the door and the man can’t find his shoes. Instead of immediately letting me know he can’t find them he’ll walk back and forth throughout the house, talking, wandering, glancing to the left and right and after five minutes of this routine will get frustrated and throw his hands in the air in defeat while loudly proclaiming, “I can’t find my shoes anywhere!” At which point I say, “Did you look in the front closet?” And he’ll go to the closet, open the door, stare for a few seconds, shut it in frustration and claim that his shoes are not, I repeat NOT in the front closet. At which point I’ll walk to the closet, open the door, reach inside and pull out his shoes. It’s a good thing he’s so cute because he sure can be dumb. 😆

I’m not an artist but today I worked on sketching out a design. Just a tip, working with pencil is a lot more forgiving than pen. I found out the hard way after going through a bazillion sheets of graphing paper.

Oh and if you haven’t already heard there is a Knitting Lingerie Style-Along. Yup a KAL was started for that delicious, wonderful book by Joan McGowan-Michael. There is also a yahoo group. And as I was looking at Joan’s website today I came across this beautiful little number.


I mean LOOK at it! I wish I had 1/3 of her talent and eye for detail. I think I love Joan.

Happy Anniversary

May 25, 2007

I’ve been married for ten years today. I know… TEN years, that’s a long time. The funny thing is it doesn’t feel like its been ten years but then again, it feels like a lifetime. We are definitely not one of those “golden” couples where everything comes easily. Keeping our marriage together has been hard work, and is probably the hardest thing I’ll ever accomplish and that’s coming from someone who is going to go to med school(one day.) Despite all our ups and downs we’ve coasted into this zone where things are comfortable and happy. You know that zone where nothing is a secret anymore and your life is completely routine full of sports and kids and work and school and pets and each other. After ten years I’m proud to be able to say that hubby is still my best friend, he makes me laugh and smile, I love spending time with him and he can still make me tingle and swoon with just a glance or a kiss or a touch.

My anniversary present? Come on, like you had to ask. Yarn(of course) and knitting books! I went out and bought some more Contessa just in case the 5oz. I bought earlier wasn’t enough to finish hush hush, which I don’t think it is so it’s a good thing I went and bought some more because the yarn is discontinued and I can’t find it anywhere except here.

It is 88% viscose and 12% silk and is very lovely to knit with.


I also bought some Berroco Softwist which I’m going to use to knit Sahara.


picture-310.jpg The picture doesn’t capture the essence of the color that well. It’s a beautiful pink, not nearly as bright. I can’t wait!