Unmentionable indeed


I can say for certainty that I do not like knit pants. I do not like them Sam I Am. I do not like pink knit pants. The ruffle only adds to the horrible-ness of these highly unattractive things. To prove my point. I tried them on and showed my husband and he immediately started laughing and said something about my looking like a clown…. He tried to cover his ass by claiming they were “cute” and something you would see on Sex and the City as one of Carrie’s “experimental” outfits. He of course didn’t know her name… he just said, “Something from Sex and the City.” This clinched it for me. While I love that show, I hated almost every single one of Carrie’s hideous outfits. Good bye pink pj pants. I hardly knew ye.

*Disclaimer* I am not discouraging anything from knitting Unmentionables. It is a very cute pattern, they look adorable on the model. Just be forewarned though, if you have no ass, knit pants accentuates this fact and if you have skinny chicken like legs, the wide leg and even wider ruffle definitely looks very silly.



13 Responses to “Unmentionable indeed”

  1. Lily Says:

    I hear you. I have same body problem. No ass. So I always avoid clingy type of dress or pants.

  2. Haley Says:

    I think they look kind of cute on you! but, it’s what you think that matters. if you don’t like them, you’ll never where them. aren’t husbands so helpful sometimes? (please read this last one with as much sarcasm as you feel applies.)

  3. Susan Says:

    I think they are cute! But, that said, they may be a little bit exparimental. (that was a great way to put it.) I don’t think you’ll be wearing them to work any time soon. Hopefully, this is what the stained pink yarn was for – so you won’t be short a ball.
    Bravo to you for trying it!

  4. Julie Says:

    I know how you feel- when something that you are so sure is going to be fabulous turns out less than. I love the colour, though- that shade of pink looks great on you!

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    I am going to use the yarn and knit the Lacy Skirt With Bows from Greetings from Knit Cafe! I already swatched and it looks fabulous. 😀

    I was never going to wear the pants, regardless if they looked good or not. This way the yarn will go towards something that I will wear!

  6. Kat Says:

    yeah not a fan of the whole knit pants thing myself…

  7. blah blah blah Says:

    i think they’re extremely cute and fabulous. self conscious skinny people suck!

  8. pax Says:

    Actually, the pants so cute and love the pink color. I think you should be look very young when you are wear it.

  9. Maryse Says:

    😉 I’ve been learning to knit and I find out that it’s quite hard to figure out, in the beginning, knits that are made for us or not! Unmentionables consitute a very original pattern! I find that we must be careful with those original ones! Thanks anyway for showing them to us! I really enjoy visiting your blog and see all the beautiful things that you knit!

  10. weaverknits Says:

    Yeah…. not so great. Truly awful with the ruffle, but passable as pajamas that are never worn outside the house without ruffle.

    People who are thin and have no butt (or chest or shoulders to speak of) don’t necessarily “look good in everything.” That said, I think you’ll look GREAT in the skirt you’ve started!

  11. Lee Says:

    I’m so sorry they didn’t work for you! It’s never worth keeping anything that doesn’t make you feel good. I do promise, though, that the ruffle doesn’t stick out weirdly once the fabric has been washed and blocked. Lovely thing about yarn is that it can be recycled so easily!

  12. Elizabeth Says:

    Aha, never fear… I’m going to conquer those pants Lee! Maybe a more serious color and maybe less yo’s around the legs for the ruffle, I don’t know, but those knit pj bottoms are going to be mine one day. 😀

  13. princess Says:

    aww. I think you could have worked with it, though, if you had started over from the thighand made it a lot slimmer! (and get rid of the frills all together).

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