We’re bored

From the mouths of babes. My daughter had a sleepover with two of her friends and after raiding my clothes, shoes, make-up and having played with every single one of her toys and watched a bazillion movies, they declared they had nothing to do and were really really bored, so obviously my only response was…

“Want me to teach you how to knit?”



The only one who was really interested was my daughter but the other two were patient enough to let me “teach” them and it was decided that after “teaching” them how to cast on and knit, they only really enjoyed casting on. My daughter on the other hand loved casting on and got the hang of the knit stitch fairly well. Yay Emily! She’s very excited. She claims she’s going to make herself a shirt. I think we’ll start on simple squares first though.


2 Responses to “We’re bored”

  1. katarinaknits Says:

    way to go! i wish i had someone to teach how to knit…

  2. elanknits Says:

    If you can get her to make a large rectangle you can fold it into a bag & add a crocheted strap, I find a finished product they can use really motivates kids (adults too).

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