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Unmentionable indeed

July 17, 2007


I can say for certainty that I do not like knit pants. I do not like them Sam I Am. I do not like pink knit pants. The ruffle only adds to the horrible-ness of these highly unattractive things. To prove my point. I tried them on and showed my husband and he immediately started laughing and said something about my looking like a clown…. He tried to cover his ass by claiming they were “cute” and something you would see on Sex and the City as one of Carrie’s “experimental” outfits. He of course didn’t know her name… he just said, “Something from Sex and the City.” This clinched it for me. While I love that show, I hated almost every single one of Carrie’s hideous outfits. Good bye pink pj pants. I hardly knew ye.

*Disclaimer* I am not discouraging anything from knitting Unmentionables. It is a very cute pattern, they look adorable on the model. Just be forewarned though, if you have no ass, knit pants accentuates this fact and if you have skinny chicken like legs, the wide leg and even wider ruffle definitely looks very silly.



Knit Pants?

July 16, 2007

They aren’t exactly flattering or maybe that’s due to the fact I have no ass….  Pair that with ruffled wide legs and my rather skinny chicken like legs….   Regardless, I’m thinking that maybe unmentionables is one of those projects that will be frogged… and soon.



Clearly they aren’t finished yet, they lack the ruffle and lace edge. Unfortunately, I’m not even sure if I want to put that much work into it. They’re cute in theory.

Yarns to Ewe

July 10, 2007

Seriously cute name for a yarn store! It’s in Houston and the women there are so nice and friendly. We had to go to Houston today to get a “one day” passport for my husband, and by “one day” the regional passport office really means “1-2 days.” We have to go back on Thursday to pick it up. It’s a good 2.5-3 hour drive there, but I think we’re going to spend the night and come home on Friday and do some things around Houston. Anyway… I bought some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and am all geared up to knit Unmentionables from! I wonder if you could wear them out and about? Also, is there a KAL for this? I am off to google!








June 13, 2007


The summer Knitty came out and I am adding this to my list! They are absolutely adorable. Since I don’t know what I’m doing, I’ve put Sahara on hold until Wendy emails me about what the hell the neckline is all about. I am clueless, which embarrasses me…. I should know.

Hey, you be quiet!

June 9, 2007



Hush Hush


Yarn: Silk City Contessa(Discontinued) – 88% Viscose, 12% Silk – Color Natural

Yarn Source: The Old Oaks Ranch

Needles: #3, #2/24″- Inox Express Circulars

#1, #0/24″- Knit Pick Options Circulars

Gauge: 7.75 stitches per inch on #2 Inox Express Circulars.




Pattern Notes: Where do I begin. The smallest measurements of the actual pattern were way too big for me. So I measured my hips, did a swatch and multiplied by the number of stitches per inch. The actual gauge was 7.75 stitches per inch, I rounded up to 8. Besides the feather and fan lace pattern along the bottom, I also followed the original pattern for the straps.

I CO for an XXS – 280 stitches. I divided my stitches as follows.

Rnd 1: Work *10 stitches in rib patt, beg with p2, k80, work 10 sts in rib patt, k40, repeat from * to end of row.

I worked the 5″ of the F&F pattern as called for in the original design. Then switched to #2 circulars and knit 7″ of stockinette stitch to lengthen the dress. Then I worked side decreases as called for in the pattern until I had a total of 240 stitches left on my needle. Because I realized that my sides were now going to be too small I decided instead of continuing to make side decreases, I would then switch to front and back decreases until I had 220 stitches left on the needle. I then increased at the bust until I had 240 stitches. I bound off between straps in the back, put both back straps on stitch holders, and continued in stockinette stitch on #1 circulars. When I had the desired length for my bust I switched needles again and knit the lace F&F pattern between the two front straps using #0 circulars. Once the top lace section was finished, instead of changing to K3, p2, k3 for the straps, I continued in the original pattern, p2, k2, p2, k2, p2, I then kitchener stitched the straps together.

Thoughts: The front is perfect. The back is questionable. I really love the no back, but because the side sections are too small, the straps sit very oddly against my back and fall down. I suppose it isn’t a huge issue because this is definitely a nightie due to the “see through” aspect in certain light. That and the fact that you can’t wear any undergarments without lines and I detest lines! Since I put so much time into this dress, I’m thinking that I need to frog and re-work the top. Because of the way I set up the straps, increasing the sides wouldn’t work without frogging the entire thing and starting fresh, so I think I’ll re-work the back and bind off less stitches between the straps. Anyway, for all extents and purposes, it is finished and beautiful and I’m kind of pleased with my modifications.

Oh and I ran out of ribbon but never fear, I’m definitely going to get more! And is it wrong of me to want to take a picture of my “new” camera? I went and bought a camera from a lovely lady in Austin off of craigslist. I love that place. Anyway it is a Casio Exilim Z120 and I am totally loving it and although I still want a D-SLR, I can see that lugging around a huge monster all day would probably get old, hence the need for a small point and shoot.



Don’t speak

June 8, 2007

Hush hush is finally finished. I am very torn. First of all, with all the modifications I don’t even know if you can call it “hush hush,” secondly, I am not sure about the straps, and I’m very tempted to frog and reknit from the waist up to accommodate better fitting straps. Besides the straps, the dress could not be any more beautiful! Before posting pictures of me in it, I am going to wait till we buy a new camera. For now though, I will leave you with these.

Pattern notes soon!

Waiting Game

June 2, 2007


1. Continue to knit hush hush with size 2 needles. Only problem is  the possibility the lace top will be too big and it will sag. Of course it may not… but if it does then I’ll have to frog, which I don’t particularly like to do.

2. Wait until my smaller needles arrive from Knitpicks.

I’m leaning more towards #2 because the lace stretches a lot and I’m almost positive if I continue to knit with the size 2’s it will be too big. Keep in mind I have no boobs so unless I all of a sudden hit a growth spurt at age 29 and wake up with melons on my chest… that dress is not going to fit up top. I’m slightly disappointed because I’m dying to see how this dress turns out! I’ve been trying it on as I knit and it seems to fit really well.

My progress so far. I am at the bust and so far it measures 25″ and hits just slightly over the top part of my knee. Once it’s blocked I’m positive it’ll fall below my knee which is the length I’m looking for.



In the meantime I’ve started Sahara. I’m a little torn about this berroco softwist. It’s very splity and easy to snag, I’ve made numerous snags and I’m only on row 31 of the back. I’m almost tempted to frog and start over just because I don’t like the way it looks with the snags, which according to my husband isn’t noticeable and I’m just a “perfectionist” and “stop freaking out about a tiny little imperfection.” He knows nothing about knitting.


May 31, 2007

I don’t know how many patterns I’ve passed up because the measurements just didn’t add up. For about a year I thought about knitting hush hush but after looking at the pattern notes and sizes I realized there was no way it would ever fit me without some serious modifications. At the time I wasn’t nearly as comfortable with my own abilities to modify anything let alone something I was going to wear(math is not my strong suit.) This has been a really great learning experience for me. Normally I would complain and whine when I made such a huge mistake that I needed to frog, but this time around, while it is a bit disheartening it’s actually good, how else will I learn what not to do if I don’t do it first? I just finished the waist decreases before realizing that the decreases along the side were too many and now the straps will be oddly placed. So now I have to frog a good 2″ and find another way to re-work the waist decreases. I am thinking of making front and back decreases instead.



Not bad considering they were taken with a camera phone. Even with my own modifications, there is a huge amount of decreasing going on. So far the dress measures a little over 21″ and I am just working on the waist. I chose to make this longer than the pattern because I plan on wearing it as an actual dress and the nightie version is considerably shorter. I also did a million measurements of myself and then cast on for what would be an XXS if the original designer had gone down that far. Hush hush will be fairly form fitting but I almost think that’s better than being on the loose side because there is going to be a little stretching with a hand knit dress.

Happy Anniversary

May 25, 2007

I’ve been married for ten years today. I know… TEN years, that’s a long time. The funny thing is it doesn’t feel like its been ten years but then again, it feels like a lifetime. We are definitely not one of those “golden” couples where everything comes easily. Keeping our marriage together has been hard work, and is probably the hardest thing I’ll ever accomplish and that’s coming from someone who is going to go to med school(one day.) Despite all our ups and downs we’ve coasted into this zone where things are comfortable and happy. You know that zone where nothing is a secret anymore and your life is completely routine full of sports and kids and work and school and pets and each other. After ten years I’m proud to be able to say that hubby is still my best friend, he makes me laugh and smile, I love spending time with him and he can still make me tingle and swoon with just a glance or a kiss or a touch.

My anniversary present? Come on, like you had to ask. Yarn(of course) and knitting books! I went out and bought some more Contessa just in case the 5oz. I bought earlier wasn’t enough to finish hush hush, which I don’t think it is so it’s a good thing I went and bought some more because the yarn is discontinued and I can’t find it anywhere except here.

It is 88% viscose and 12% silk and is very lovely to knit with.


I also bought some Berroco Softwist which I’m going to use to knit Sahara.


picture-310.jpg The picture doesn’t capture the essence of the color that well. It’s a beautiful pink, not nearly as bright. I can’t wait!

Books are your friend

May 24, 2007

First of all, you can never have too many books. Especially if they’re knitting books. Out of all the books though, I am most excited about Knitting Lingerie Style. Even if all the other patterns in the book were terrible (which they aren’t, but if they were…) the pattern for the bodice on the cover alone puts this book at the top of the heap! Isn’t it gorgeous?





I’m one of those knitters that starts a project and depending on my level of interest becomes so obsessed and immersed that they just can’t work on anything else. I’m also one of those one project at a time kind of gals, although technically right now I have two projects on needles, hush hush and salina… but I digress. I am obsessed with finishing hush hush. Something about wanting to get to the end so you can see how it turns out. That and the fact I modified the hell out of the pattern so I’m curious as to see if my modifications worked. Earlier today I was overcome with fear that maybe it was too small. I obsessively measured one of my favorite dresses and compared that to hush hush. Happily I am on the right track!