Luna Moth Shawl


Luna Moth Shawl

Needles:  Knit Picks #6 US Circulars

Yarn:  Knit Picks Gloss Lace

I wasn’t sure about the color.  It’s a light brown-ish, heathered color.  It was only after I washed and blocked the shawl did the true beauty of the color came out.  It’s a an easy pattern and the outcome is beautiful.  I bought some Jaggerspun Zephyr in Basil and I’m thinking that I just might need to knit another one.




7 Responses to “Luna Moth Shawl”

  1. Peacock Chic Says:

    wow that really does look beautiful. You can just feel the movement in the fabric. Lovely!

  2. Stacey_CrimsonPurl Says:


  3. Julie Says:

    I love the colour, it looks like it’ll go with everything and never get dirty! Utterly gorgeous shawl.

  4. Maryse Says:

    Another beautiful shawl! Does time go fast or you knit fast or both? Lovely!!!

  5. yarnnut Says:

    The color is lovely. Great work:)

  6. SoKnitpicky Says:

    It’s really beautiful!

  7. Karen Says:

    Just chanced upon your blog. Your shawl is simply beautiful–beautiful color, beautiful pattern!

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