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June 19, 2007

HATE IT! Really really HATE IT!


Screw it. This top is sooooo not worth all the trouble. I seriously hate the neckline and don’t have the heart to frog and redo. I’m going to scrap the entire thing and use the yarn for something else because it just looks like crap. *grumble*

To cheer myself up, I am going to cast on for the lacy skirt with bows from Greetings from Knit Cafe.  Yeah… that’ll make me happy!


Let’s dance

June 13, 2007

Sahara is like a dance. Two steps forward, one step back.

First – I finished the lace hem, bound off, tried it on and then realized I had dropped a stitch that ran all the way up through the entire lace and three rows into the stockinette body. *deep breath*


I frogged and fixed the dropped stitch. Then I re-knit the hem, bound off, tried it on only to find that somehow my stitch markers were a tad off and now the hem is slightly askew, meaning one side of the hem sits a little more front, while the other sits a little more back. It really wouldn’t be an issue if the hem were just knit in the round instead of in a shirt tail hem. *deep breath*

Second – Moved on to the lace neckline and am four rows in only to find that I am not knitting the edge stitch correctly. *drink heavily* Frogged and ready to begin anew tomorrow.




Ten points if you can figure out the movie going on in the background!

What to do?

June 10, 2007

So… because I didn’t following the directions explicitly I am in a quandary. Somewhere, somehow(I blame TV) I made a mistake and now I have less back stitches than front stitches. Like… um… maybe five less stitches. *whoops* Normally I wouldn’t care, but because Sahara has that whole wrapping and turning for the hem, my hem won’t be even on the sides. Besides this one teeny tiny problem, Sahara is turning out very nicely!






June 5, 2007

“Only half the head.” More commonly known as a “migraine.” I’ve suffered migraines since I was kid. My first migraine hit me when I was in third grade. I remember it distinctly because it was the worst feeling. Intense head pain, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, it was such a memorable experience because I started crying(which does nothing to help a migraine but made the teacher feel very sorry for me) and threw up everywhere. Lucky for me I always know when I’m going to get a migraine because I get auras which is just lovely and makes me downright giddy when I see them appear. The day has been spent sleeping, puking, sleeping, puking, feeling like shit, looking like shit, and sleeping some more. The worst part, as I get older it takes longer and longer for me to recover. Up until my mid 20’s I was able to sleep off the migraine and be refreshed and better the very next day. Now that I’m hitting my 30’s it takes me at least 2-3 days to feel anywhere near normal. Usually my symptoms consist of dizziness and light sensitivity with an occasional wave of nausea. I gave birth to two children and my son’s labor was 22.5 hours… I know pain but nothing can reduce me to a pile of pathetic incoherent babbling and a sea tears with a side order of whining and begging for someone to put me out of my misery like a migraine can. It’s a good thing we don’t own any guns.

My progress so far on Sahara. Currently working on the waist decreases and am pretty happy with the way it is turning out. It’s a very quick knit!



Ho Hum

June 3, 2007

My in laws are moving back to MI tomorrow and the hubby and kids are helping them pack, or rather my husband is helping and the kids are probably just getting in the way.  Since I don’t really enjoy packing I chose to stay home.  😉

I’ve been working on Sahara as I wait for my needles.  I’m liking the berroco softwist more today than I was last night.  I guess it takes some time to get used to.  I am fairly surprised at its stretching ability.  I was pretty sure that the back was too small but I tried it on and luckily it’s not.  It’s not a very exciting project but usually stockinette stitch isn’t what I would normally call “thrilling,” but it works when you’re watching a CSI marathon on tv because I don’t have to pay attention to what I’m doing.  I’m kind of tempted to frog back to the arm holes and make some adjustments but I’ve already connected both fronts to the back and I’m not really sure I want to go through the trouble.

Had a lovely talk with my mom today.  Why is it that all mothers seem to think they know what’s best?  For instance my future is of great interest to her, especially my choice in careers.  I had my kids young and after a lot of discussion, chose to be a stay at home mom until they were both in school.  My mom having never had that opportunity really thought it was the best for her grandkids and wholly supported my quitting school to raise them.  At the time I had grand plans to become a nurse, not so much because it was something I wanted but because it was what my mom wanted.  In fact I wanted to become a doctor but being the voice of reason my mom talked me out of that field.  As all conversations with my mom, today’s was no different.

“So do you know what you want to do?”

My mom is incredibly fun to tease.  Years before when she’d ask me that question I’d throw something arbitrary and obscure out there just to mess with her.

“Yes, I’m going to study music and play piano professionally!”

She had a field day with that one.  If anyone can find a million reasons to discourage you from something it’s my mother.   Anyway, I’ve wanted to be a doctor since god knows when.  Oh sure, over the years I’ve thought of different professions – architecture, engineering, law, interior design…. but in the end I always come back to medicine.  And so my conversation with my mom began with me trying to justify my wanting to go to med school and ended with her telling me she was going to look into the job market and education to become a nurse anesthetist.

Thanks mom!

Waiting Game

June 2, 2007


1. Continue to knit hush hush with size 2 needles. Only problem is  the possibility the lace top will be too big and it will sag. Of course it may not… but if it does then I’ll have to frog, which I don’t particularly like to do.

2. Wait until my smaller needles arrive from Knitpicks.

I’m leaning more towards #2 because the lace stretches a lot and I’m almost positive if I continue to knit with the size 2’s it will be too big. Keep in mind I have no boobs so unless I all of a sudden hit a growth spurt at age 29 and wake up with melons on my chest… that dress is not going to fit up top. I’m slightly disappointed because I’m dying to see how this dress turns out! I’ve been trying it on as I knit and it seems to fit really well.

My progress so far. I am at the bust and so far it measures 25″ and hits just slightly over the top part of my knee. Once it’s blocked I’m positive it’ll fall below my knee which is the length I’m looking for.



In the meantime I’ve started Sahara. I’m a little torn about this berroco softwist. It’s very splity and easy to snag, I’ve made numerous snags and I’m only on row 31 of the back. I’m almost tempted to frog and start over just because I don’t like the way it looks with the snags, which according to my husband isn’t noticeable and I’m just a “perfectionist” and “stop freaking out about a tiny little imperfection.” He knows nothing about knitting.

Happy Anniversary

May 25, 2007

I’ve been married for ten years today. I know… TEN years, that’s a long time. The funny thing is it doesn’t feel like its been ten years but then again, it feels like a lifetime. We are definitely not one of those “golden” couples where everything comes easily. Keeping our marriage together has been hard work, and is probably the hardest thing I’ll ever accomplish and that’s coming from someone who is going to go to med school(one day.) Despite all our ups and downs we’ve coasted into this zone where things are comfortable and happy. You know that zone where nothing is a secret anymore and your life is completely routine full of sports and kids and work and school and pets and each other. After ten years I’m proud to be able to say that hubby is still my best friend, he makes me laugh and smile, I love spending time with him and he can still make me tingle and swoon with just a glance or a kiss or a touch.

My anniversary present? Come on, like you had to ask. Yarn(of course) and knitting books! I went out and bought some more Contessa just in case the 5oz. I bought earlier wasn’t enough to finish hush hush, which I don’t think it is so it’s a good thing I went and bought some more because the yarn is discontinued and I can’t find it anywhere except here.

It is 88% viscose and 12% silk and is very lovely to knit with.


I also bought some Berroco Softwist which I’m going to use to knit Sahara.


picture-310.jpg The picture doesn’t capture the essence of the color that well. It’s a beautiful pink, not nearly as bright. I can’t wait!