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November 21, 2007





Pattern: Interweave Holiday Knits 2007

Yarn: ShiBui Merino Alpaca

Needles: #8 US Inox Express, #8 US Brittany DPN’s


Pattern Notes: Another wonderful pattern from the delectable Jared Flood(Brooklyntweed.) It was incredibly easy to memorize and the finished project is just so beautiful! I would highly suggest learning how to knit cables without a cable needle and Grumperina has an awesome tutorial.







This is how much yarn I had leftover. So close.





This wonderful little hat is not for me though. It’s an example for the store – HCW!



Can I borrow your head?

October 26, 2007


Thank goodness she is a lovely girl who adores having her picture taken and takes every opportunity to help her Momma out!  Koolhaas will be on display at HCW, and so far I am extremely pleased by the way it’s turning out.  The yarn in itself is wonderful to work with but the pattern…. Oh the pattern!  So easy to memorize, and the outcome is just…. WOW!


BTW, the hat is sized to fit an adult head.  I just used my daughter’s because I didn’t feel like switching to larger needles.