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May 22, 2007

Nothing is more painful than making a mistake while knitting lace and in the round. Oh wait, yes there is, finding out that you made the mistake oh I don’t know… four rows back. *tearing out hair*

I bought some rowan all seasons cotton from yaiAnn through her destash sale. I love the yarn and can’t wait to knit licorice whip from Blue Alvarez.

The color is called safari which I’m totally digging.


In baseball news… they lost, so we closed out the season not winning a single game. I won’t even get into the whole dynamics of what went wrong last night but needless to say it wasn’t the boys fault, it was bad coaching. Oh well.


All American Like Apple Pie

May 21, 2007

Today is my son’s last baseball game of the season. A little background – my son is nine, he played baseball for the first time last year which was coach pitch. If anyone has kids in sports, they’ll know that coach pitch is really different because it is not competitive, at least it isn’t here where I live. This year because he’s nine he had to move up to minor leagues. It’s been a culture shock for everyone involved because it’s not only competitive, the attitude of a lot of parents, kids, and coaches is U-G-L-Y.

My son’s team consists of a lot of inexperienced players, my son included. Minors goes from ages 9-12. Half the team is made up of nine year olds, most of whom have come up from coach pitch. The other half the team is made up of 10-12 year olds who have never played baseball before. Despite all that they all show talent and promise.

Anyway, my son’s team hasn’t won a game all season. Tonight is our last game of the season and we’re playing the second best team in the league. As much as I want to remain positive and upbeat I’m afraid they’re going to lose. Despite having lost every single game, the team spirit is still very high and they’re all fairly positive and talk about “next time” and how they can improve and they’re very supportive of the other team and are all smiles and cheers at the end of the game as they congratulate the other team.

The last two games have been heart breakers. We lost by one point in each game. The last game in particular we fell apart during the first inning and we were down 4-9. Our boys made a huge comeback and by the third inning we were up two points. Unfortunately at the very last second the other team scored a run and they won 15-14. It was a nail biter and I was practically sitting in the bleachers, rocking back and forth and my friend said something about needing cigarettes at that point even though she doesn’t smoke. Tonight I’m going to drink heavily before the game… these kids think it’s pressure playing, try being a MOM in the stands watching. It’s been a fun season and my son says he wants to play again next year so all is not lost.

On the knitting front, I’m hoping hush hush will be a slam dunk, or field goal, or whatever term they use in baseball… home run? I am afraid by the time I’m finished with her my fingers will be permanently crippled. I thought that knitting on small needles would be a breeze since I just finished intolerable cruelty on size 2’s but I think knitting an entire dress on size 2’s may spell the demise of my sanity.