Complete but not really

I have a couple of projects that I’ve finished, but not exactly finished.

The second hemlock ring blanket is done but I haven’t blocked it.  If you’ve made one and blocked it, you probably understand my hesitation.  It’s quite an undertaking, probably moreso than actually knitting it.

I finished Raspy but after trying it on I realized I needed to rework the neckline so that the back has more height than the front.  I’m also not completely sold on the sweater.  It’s nice enough, maybe once it is washed and dried it will be more appealing.  Even though I made modifications, it is still pretty loose and I’m not a huge fan of loose fitting clothes.

I did start Molly Ringwald.  She’s lovely so far and I love the color.  I realized while going through all my works, I don’t knit with blue or green nearly enough.


2 Responses to “Complete but not really”

  1. Soknitpicky Says:

    I’m anxious to see the Molly Ringwald. I’m glad that it’s available as a pdf now since I never did find that old Knitscene (?) that it was in

  2. Julie Says:

    I like that greyish blue you chose for your Molly Ringwald! I agree, sometimes our knitting needs a little colour diversity. I’m guilty of picking the same sort of colours over and over again, too.

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