And the rockets red glare

Well everyone except us.  Firecracker/works ban in our town due to the burn ban which is at high or maybe even something above high like eminent or whatever.  Either way the consequences are dire if you’re caught, the imperative word being “caught” with fire inducing contraband.  It wasn’t spelled out in the letter taped to our front door but it is Texas and if the laws to be have no problem putting mentally ill people to death, I’m pretty sure they won’t have any qualms putting burn ban breaking criminals to death.

Oh and Happy Fourth of July!  Enjoy your fireworks and your firecrackers and all that jazz while we here in central TX go without.  We are so deprived.


One Response to “And the rockets red glare”

  1. Plain Jane Says:

    It’s the same out in the San Bernardino Mountains in California – NO fireworks at all, not even the ones that are usually set off by the town of Crestline over the lake. With all the fires burning in northern California, they sure don’t need any to the south.

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