Summer time blues

Because nothing makes more sense than knitting a wool blanket in 100 degree Tex-Ass weather.  Yes, another Hemlock Ring Blanket.

A cute little girl sweater from Cleckheaton No. 951 – Design 3 minus the hat.  I have some pink and green leftover so I may knit a pair of Saartje Booties to go with it.  I think the model really makes the sweater.  My daughter has had that monkey (which is really a gorilla but at the time her little three year old mind could not discern between the two) since she was three.  She has aptly named is Monk Monk, and it is a girl.  If you look closely you can tell she’s a girl because her fingernails are painted and she’s wearing lipstick.  Oh and as soon as I finished the sweater she grabbed it and shoved her “monkey” through all the holes and declared that it was a perfect fit (!) for Monk Monk.

As soon as the blanket is finished I will mail them off to the recipient and then hopefully – closure.


2 Responses to “Summer time blues”

  1. crimsonpurl Says:

    Look it all of your baby items!

    And at least you have A/C in Texas! :o)

  2. Julie Says:

    Ooh, that Hemlock ring blanket is going to be incredible!

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