Oh woe is me

My show-off ruffle skirt is coming along smoothly or so I thought.  I was into my 5th bobble row before I noticed the difference in spacing between the 3rd and 4th bobble row.  Two rows short.  *sigh*  I didn’t have the heart to rip it back and fix it so I continued and finished the bobble section of the skirt.  Except now I’m working on the second half of the skirt and I’m going back and forth between doing it correctly or doing it to match the first half.  It isn’t entirely noticeable, but darnit….  This is one of those dilemmas in which the desire to have a perfectly made skirt is battling with not wanting to redo all those bobbles.  *%$#@)*


One Response to “Oh woe is me”

  1. Yemoonyah Says:

    You make beautiful things. You might want to check out etsy.com.
    You could sell your stuff there! it”s for free


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