Thelma and Liz

Prophetic.  Driving off a cliff.  I don’t exactly hate this finished object, but I don’t exactly love it either.  It was an extremely quick knit, I think it took me maybe four days, five – tops.  The original pattern doesn’t call for any shaping whatsoever and I’m definitely in the camp that believes that shaping makes any knit object look better on a person.  So I did a little waist shaping and a little bust shaping which definitely adds to the appeal of the top.  My main issue has to do with the fit of the top section of the shirt.  I find it to be too short up top, and I’m not exactly thrilled by the fit.  I used Classic Elite Cotton Bamboo which I really liked working with.  I’m not a huge fan of cotton, but with the bamboo, it gives it a shinier look and it definitely gives it a softness and makes it easier to knit with.  I’ll work with it again, for sure and believe it or not, I only used three balls of it to make this top.


One Response to “Thelma and Liz”

  1. soknitpicky Says:

    I’m sorry you’re disappointed. I think it’s cute though. It reminds me of the Summertime Tunic from IK, just more fitted

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