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Pays to lose?

May 28, 2008

I “HA” in the face of elections.  I have maybe 85 political yard signs sitting around in storage, they are 18″x24″ and I wasn’t sure what to do with them.  At first I thought I’d keep them because then I could use them again in two years when/if I decided to run again but then I started thinking about my knitting and the fact that I do not have a blocking board.  So I did a little research today and found ways to make a homemade blocking board.  “Cool beans!”

Shopping list:


Duct Tape

1″x1″ gingham

How difficult is it to find any of those things?  Well apparently really difficult because the “homoste” which apparently no one at Lowes has ever heard of is sold in 10 sheet packages for about $40.  They are like 4×8 sheets….  I’m pretty sure I don’t need that much.  Strike 1.

1″x1″ gingham can’t be hard to find, any craft/fabric store carries it.  WRONG.  I scoured Hobby Lobby for half an hour, measuring every single square pattern fabric only to walk away without any damn fabric.  Strike 2.

So then I head to HellMart because I have to pick up my contacts and decide to look around their fabric department, which I guess HellMart has decided to get rid of.  *Thanks for the heads up.*  Strike 3.

I’m driving home and I’m all disappointed because I had a goal and completely failed and I’m racking my mind thinking, thinking, wondering if I have anything at home that would work?  It was if the lightbulbs went off and I had a brilliant idea!  All those useless signs has to come in handy, right?  And they do!!

Because the green of my signs is so dark I had to cut up another useless sheet to cover the green and over that I put the squared sheet.

I took three signs (corrugated plastic) taped the edges together, then covered it with tan flannel, and then over that, the checkered cotton sheet.  Voila, homemade blocking board.  And with the 5 bazillion signs I have left I can possibly make a whole buttload of blocking boards.  Yay me!