Emily’s Dress

She loves it which makes me extremely happy.  I am not sure about the strapless aspect, she keeps pulling on it and distorting the top, so I may redo it and just add straps.  Knit with Buckingham from Bristol Gallery, this was an extremely fast knit.  I am super pleased by the outcome!


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7 Responses to “Emily’s Dress”

  1. nettie Says:

    She is adorable in it! I love the color and style on her. She looks so much like you in some of these photos too.

  2. soknitpicky Says:

    You are a bona fide designer now 🙂 I love this. Heck, I’d want one for me, let alone my daughter!

  3. Julie Says:

    Oh wow, that dress is so cute! I’d love a grown up version for myself. : )

  4. Lara Says:

    The dress is adorable! I can see why your daughter loves it – mine would too! Great job!

  5. The Kelly Green Rogue Says:

    super cute! Just adorable!

  6. Monique Says:

    So cute! Love the color combination also. Straps! Definitely straps. Would make this little beauty carefree. A matching strug would be adorable with this also. If you go out to dinner, no need to try to match it up with a sweater.

  7. betzig Says:


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