Pink Floyd Redux

My model is at school and I’m forced to use other methods of taking progress pictures.  Who had the great idea that eight year olds need school?  Didn’t those people forsee my need to have her at home to model my progress (she don’t need no education.)  Emily’s Take 2 shirt has now become an Emily Dress because for some reason when she asked me what I was making her and I said “shirt” she took that to mean “dress.”  Silly child.  At first I was worried I wouldn’t have enough yarn to make her a dress but thankfully she’s small and thin (probably because we don’t ever feed her) AND she is creative enough to have chosen a contrasting color for the trim.  Speaking of Emily, we are extremely excited because she is going to Montessori next year!  She spent an entire day at her new school last week, just to try it out and completely fell in love with her “new best friends” and her teacher.  We just adore the program and we really feel she will get more out of a private education than she could ever receive at public school.  My son on the other hand said “I am NOT going to private school.”  This is the same son who asked that we not move from TX until after 5th grade because their big field trip at the end of the year is to Schlitterbahn.  I know where that kid’s priorities lie.


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