What do you call the people who don’t win?

Whoever still reads my blog has probably noticed the scarcity in which I’ve posted the last several months. I do have a very good reason for that. I ran for public office and I lost. In the very wise words of my son “Mom even if you lose the election you’ll still be a winner because you’ve got us!” Love that kid!!

Several observations about running for public office.

1. Campaigning sucks.

2. Losing sucks more than campaigning.

3. For a school board election, it got extremely political.

For some reason everyone decided to run for school board this year. In my place there were three of us. The other woman (who won) works for the Republican County Commissioner, so you can probably imagine the support she had. The guy who ran and I had a split Democratic party working for us. I lost by 131 votes but considering the competition I was up against and living in a Republican community, it could have been worse. In the meantime this has given me an amazing support base if I run again but even if I don’t I have gotten to know so many more people in my community than I would have otherwise. There are some amazing people in my town and I have a huge group of friends who were extremely supportive which I feel blessed for having.

So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last three months. I have been knitting though, a dress of my own design that is almost complete! YAY! Pictures soon. šŸ™‚


4 Responses to “What do you call the people who don’t win?”

  1. nettie Says:

    Wow! I would have never made it through that. Well done you! Next time you run let the knitters know so we can send the good juju : )

  2. crimsonpurl Says:

    I am still here!! :o)

    Good for you in running and wanting to make an impact in your children’s education. I truly hope you try again!!

    And I see that dress! Whoa!!

  3. soknitpicky Says:

    So sorry that you did not win, but I think it was so great of you to run. And what a smart kid you have–he’s totally right! As for the dress, I saw it on Ravelry and it looks *amazing*! I’m looking forward to reading more about it!!

  4. Kim Says:

    Sorry you didn’t win. But I’m proud of you for trying. I hope that you try again!

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