I bought a copy of Sensual Knits. There are many patterns in there that I want to knit, it’s hard to pick one to start with. I finally decided on the Ivy Dress. I am one of those anomalies that enjoys laborious projects like dresses. I’ve decided to omit the lace panel up the front because details that draw attention to *that* area do not appeal to me. I love the detail around the waist and I think the dress will still look beautiful regardless of the lace panel on the front.

I’ve been busy and completely preoccupied the last several months. I haven’t knit anything and I’ve taken on a huge project that has sucked up all my time and energy. 27 more days and I’ll be able to spill my guts about what has been going on in my life.

Without going into detail, wish me luck!


3 Responses to “Sensual”

  1. crimsonpurl Says:

    Luck!! Can’t wait to hear about this big project!

    I have that book too and there so many garments I would like to do out of there too, but haven’t commited to anything off the bat yet!

    I didn’t realize you did a facelift around here! ;o)

    Good to hear from you! Hope you warm up your needles very soon!

  2. SoKnitpicky Says:

    Good luck on your surprise project. I’m looking forward to seeing the Ivy Dress. There are no projects on Ravelry yet, so you are way ahead of the game 🙂 I think there is something for it on the errata page for the book

  3. Julie Says:

    I bought a copy of Sensual Knits in January, and I’m in love with it! There are so many great patterns in there. I’ve been really liking the dresses as well, but I can’t bring myself to buy all the yarn needed to complete one!

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