How many?

It has been a very interesting week.

First of all things are incredibly busy these days what with work, kids, sports, and PTO, my parents informed me last week they were coming on the 13th.  This news would normally be met with all smiles as I love my parents very much, unfortunately they couldn’t have picked a worse time to visit.  So on top of everything else going on in life, I must also clean my house top to bottom…. *House keeper-The time has come.*

Yesterday a family of 12 kids came into the shop, 10 of whom wanted to learn various fiber arts.  I was highly impressed by the mother.  I only have two kids and have absolutely no control over them.  When she spoke, they listened and they were all so extremely polite and well behaved.   I’d like to know how she does it because my daughter….  *She takes after me.  Enuff said.*

I taught the 5, 6, and 7 year old girls how to knit.  They did well for 30 minutes and then they wanted to play with the dog, play with the ball winder, play with the table loom, play with the water cooler….  Do you sense a theme?  After about 40 minutes the 6 year old approached me and asked if I would watch her practice some more, so I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe the lesson had an impact on at least one of them.  Oh and five years old is way too young to teach knitting with needles.  For future reference –  finger knitting.

I haven’t started any new projects because I have resolved to complete an original piece before jumping into a new project. The pressure of creating something from the bottom up is too much and I have frozen up.  Brain block, call it whatever you want, the appeal to knit something is gone.  I’m hoping it comes back and soon.  Every time I see my needles sitting beside my yarn all dejected and sad looking, it makes me want to pick them up and cuddle.  Come on brain.  Be creative damnit!

I’m so excited.  I ordered a bunch of needles and accessories for the shop today! Of course when I got the totals I about had a heart attack.  All I have to say is it takes some serious balls to run your own business.  Also, it kind of helps that it isn’t my money… although I felt slightly guilty buying a bazillion dollars worth of stuff (and I haven’t even ordered yarn yet!)  I am almost giddy with anticipation.  Everything is supposed to arrive in the next week!  I freaking can’t wait to open the boxes.  😀


One Response to “How many?”

  1. soknitpicky Says:

    Have you ever seen the documentary about the family in Arkansas with 16 kids? They are very well behaved and very organized. It seems like the more you have, the easier it gets? (yeah, right!)

    Hope you find your muse soon for your self design, but don’t put undue pressure on yourself. Maybe doing a small project from a pattern will get your juices flowing again 🙂

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