Hemlock Ring Blanket

Hemlock Ring Blanket
Pattern: http://brooklyntweed.blogspot.com/2007/08/hemlock-ring-blanket.html
Needles: US #10 Susan Bates DPN’s, #10 US -32″ Knit Pick Circulars, #10 US – 47″ Addi Turbo Circulars
Yarn: 2 Skeins Cascade Eco, color 8087
What an incredibly easy pattern with such amazing results. I had originally planned on making this blanket as a donation towards a school auction but instead decided to give it to my Dad for his birthday. I have beat my deadline which is an amazing feat in itself, unfortunately due to blocking, it will arrive late. I am tempted to knit another one for the house because it is just that beautiful.

8 Responses to “Hemlock Ring Blanket”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    It’s beautiful! Well done! Makes me sorry I ordered colored yarn for this one.

  2. peacockchic Says:

    wow, very pretty!! I love the in action shots to give the a size reference. I am sure your dad will love it!

  3. nettie Says:

    Fantastic. I am so tempted to try this pattern. Your dad is going to love this.

  4. soknitpicky Says:

    Great job! Your dad is lucky!

  5. loopylulu Says:

    I love this!!!! I can’t believe it only took two skeins of the eco wool too.

  6. Marcia Says:

    Wow, this is fabulous. I wish I had the patience to finish something like this.

  7. kat Says:

    wow its gorgeous

  8. yarnnut Says:

    That blanket is beautiful:) I love the color. Is the yarn machine washable?

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