Four minutes

New year, new adventures, new opportunities.

I’m excited.  I start a new job on Wednesday.  As much as I would have loved to stay at HCW, the commute wasn’t cooperating so when a friend of mine offered me a job at her fiber arts/yarn shop I said yes.  My commute will literally be four minutes… if that.  Not only that I’ll be in charge of all the knitting related aspects of the store, which includes but isn’t limited to… buying yarn.  No seriously, I have the task of stocking the store with yarn goodness!  Of course as I start the process I realize it isn’t as easy as it sounds.  I’m somewhat of a yarn “purist” and thinking outside my comfort level is proving to be a tad difficult.  I know what appeals to me and feel I have very good taste in yarn textures, colors and fibers, but it’s all hit or miss when it comes to picking yarns that will appeal to others.

Any favorites?

Oh totally off topic… I went ice skating this weekend.


Tripped.  Fell.  Knees first.  OUCH!

*Who else is a NFL widow tonight?  If the Packers don’t win I will never hear the end of it.  Of course if they do win I’ll never hear the end of it.  Anyone else not give a flip about football?  Brett who?  Eli who?  Tackle, end zones, flags… what?*


3 Responses to “Four minutes”

  1. nettie Says:

    My husband was screaming so loud during yesterdays game that the children were becoming concerned. I could care less about Football but I (pretend to) listen sometimes because he does when I talk about blogs and yarn.

  2. Maryse Says:

    Good luck with your new job! Have fun! And careful with the skating 😉

  3. hollyknitlightly Says:

    Found you on Ravelry. Your cobblestone sweater is the bomb. BTW- Happy Birthday! About giving a flip about football, or not. I figured if I can’t beat’em join’em, so I know three football moves. Touchdown-arms up in the air. Fumble- think Boy George and “I tumble for you”, what, you were four then? Okay. Last but not least, prancing around in the end zone. Woo hoo! no one will ever know that I don’t give a flip about Brett and Eli. Who’s Eli? 🙂

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