You don’t look a day over

I have a big birthday coming up. Believe it or not I turn 30 in eight days. So because this is such a huge “milestone” or so I’m led to believe, I decided to treat myself to “practical” yet “useful” and “beautiful” birthday presents, all knitting related (of course.)

First up. My knitting bag. It is an Amy Butler Sweet Life bag, Sanibel in Forest.


Oh sure… its dimensions are bigger than my chest, but… it’s incredibly utilitarian and beautiful to boot! I could not resist.

Much to the chagrin of my children I have been using them as my swift while I hand wound skeins of yarn, and all without paying them. I wonder if I’m breaking any international child labor laws? After five years of this abuse, I finally broke down and bought myself a ball winder and swift! I celebrated this amazing event by winding three skeins of yarn last night… at home…. OMG! How absolutely thrilling.


Please excuse the background mess. We had just finished dinner.


9 Responses to “You don’t look a day over”

  1. crimsonpurl Says:

    Congratulations on your ball winder & swift! A great pre-birthday treat to you!

    You so young gurl!! :op


  2. nettie Says:

    Great gifts! We always give ourselves the best stuff.

    Happy Birthday

  3. loopylulu Says:

    Happy Birthday! I was so happy when I got to the age where I could buy whatever I wanted for my birthday. Crafty related presents are always the best too.

  4. Bobbi Says:

    What a great gifts! The bag is beautiful!

  5. Diana Says:

    Haha! I used to make my husband be my swift. He never liked that! Happy Birthday and enjoy your yarn goodies!

  6. robin Says:

    Happy Birthday! I love the knitting bag, and I wouldn’t know what to do without my swift and ballwinder!

  7. yarnnut Says:

    Happy birthday! You’re presents to yourself are great. It’s always a happy day when you can wind yarn at home.

  8. peacockchic Says:

    Congrats on the lovely AB bag and the new yarn winding goodies. What a wonderful birthday it is!!

  9. Soknitpicky Says:

    Just dropping in to say Happy Birthday!!

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