Eat Your Spinach!

One of the wonderful benefits of not ever exercising is the lack of muscle tone.  It’s fabulous when you’re knitting… oh let’s say a sweater that requires you to increase in the forearm area (apparently to accomadate your massive forearms) of which, thanks to not ever exercising, I do not have.  So I stuck my arm in the sleeve only to find that I could have probably fit my entire body into it.  On one hand it was rather comedic in the fact that it was so freaking huge, on the other hand I had to frog an entire sleeve due to my lack of “Popeye-esque” muscles.  I could have just gone to the gym and pumped some iron, but quite frankly the thought is not appealing and plus I’m directly related to the Bradypodidae family, except I have five toes, or rather 10 if you count both feet. 

 Oh and for you fellow Bath and Body Works fans… huge end of the year sale!  I went today and totally stocked up on my two favorite scents, both of which are discontinued and only sold during this sale.  While it slightly pisses me off that they don’t still carry them, I am glad I was able to snag several bottles… I wonder how long they last?


One Response to “Eat Your Spinach!”

  1. Bobbi Says:


    Thanks for the tip on the sale!

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