Mass update




Cobblestone for her. I think I’m almost to the point where I need to attach the sleeves which means I have to buy some needles. I also haven’t tried it on and have no idea if the body even fits. It looks a tad small but I’m hoping that Silky Wool has amazing stretching abilities. The color isn’t that bright of a red either, but then trying to photograph red tends to be an extremely difficult task, at least for me. It’s a much deeper, yet still bright enough red.






Thermal. The never ending project. Of course it doesn’t help that I haven’t touched it in about three weeks. One day I’m hoping to wake up and thermal will magically be finished. Whereas the tooth fairy leaves you a couple of quarters under your pillow, the knitting fairy actually leaves you finished projects! Google her.





My son’s hat. I think the colors look a lot like the Redskins or whatever football team is burgundy and gold. You can also see my lovely schedule, which brings me to a topic completely off the knitting track.


My new digital camera. My Casio gave me a very nasty message when I turned it on, “Lens Error.” Nothing creates feelings of dread and gives you cold sweats than when a beloved electronic decides to retire. (Note to anyone reading: Shaking, and banging electronics do NOT make them magically work. In fact if anything it makes the situation a little worse. If your electronic item decided at any time that it might come out of retirement, any shaking, banging, yelling, swearing might just make it give you two middle fingers and completely shut down for good. So if the urge comes over you… Speak to it lovingly and whatever you do, DO NOT let your husband take it on business trips to Japan.) The great thing about my Casio dying… not only does it make a pretty drawer ornament, but I got to bought a new digital camera. A very very cool, kick ass, beautiful interface, 12 megapixels…. Be still my heart! It’s a Kodak Easyshare V1253 and because I’m a nerd for technology I have memorized the model and everything about it. Go ahead, ask me anything!








3 Responses to “Mass update”

  1. Julie Says:

    Ah yes, I too know the black hole that is Thermal…. but it’s looking great so far! It is my most-worn handknit, if that helps with the motivation at all…..

  2. Maryse Says:

    What a brilliant idea! A cobblestone for her! I look forward to see it completed. That might interest me… As for Thermal, I totally understand. I’m also knitting it and look forward to see the final result (of yours and mine) 😉

  3. dragonfly183 Says:

    The red looks more like raspberry, but i like it.

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