“Normal” knitter?

Q: ” Are you still knitting? We miss you.:)”

A:  I am still knitting although not nearly as much as I’d like, but thank you Nika!

I’ve talked about it before but I’m one of those one project knitting at a time anomalies.  Recently I joined all you “normal” knitters, after realizing that if I didn’t I would never start or finish anything.  Which is completely ironic because now that I have several projects going at one time I’m finding it harder to finish anything.

Right now I have three projects going.

1.  Hat for my son.

2.  Cobblestone

3.  Thermal

And soon there shall be another project added to the list.

4.  Hemlock blanket

I recently purchased two skeins of Cascade Ecological Wool from the Knitting Nest, a new yarn shop that opened up in Austin.   If you haven’t visited yet you really should!  Stacey, the owner is super friendly and extremely helpful.


I’m surprised how beautiful the yarn is considering it isn’t dyed or treated, it’s also fairly soft and I think after a bath in soak, it should soften up even more.  Can’t wait to start the hemlock blanket!  Here’s to hoping that I finish at least one of the four projects by the end of the year.


One Response to ““Normal” knitter?”

  1. nubiancraftster Says:

    good luck!!!

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