Slam Dunk!

It’s that time of year.  The air is nippy, the grass is covered in frost, the leaves are changing… that’s right, it’s basketball season!   My son has played for the last four year or so and absolutely LOVES it.  This year is the first year my daughter will play and not that I’m biased or anything, but she’s really good!  I took her to tryouts on Sunday and wouldn’t you know it, the girl can dribble, run and shoot!  This is going to be a great year, I can feel it.  Because I’m friends with certain people *wink wink* I found out this morning which team my son will be on and let me say… it’s a REALLY GOOD team, with extremely talented kids!  I can’t wait to tell him because he’s going to be super excited when he finds out!  The wife of the coach(who I am friends with) told me that her husband was extremely happy to get Cody on his team because he has some mad basketball skillz which of course makes me very happy to hear as his mom!  My husband is fairly athletic but I am completely hopeless when it comes to anything that involves balls or hand eye coordination, so it makes me so freaking happy to see that my kids did not inherit my athletic “prowess.”


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