What do you think?

I love when people ask me that when I’m working.  Not only do I get to voice my opinion (Always in a tactful and nice manner) but I also get to suggest something that they normally would have overlooked.  Today I sold a customer on the O-Wool.  Like I’ve said before, there are few yarns I really, seriously love, and O-Wool is one of them.  I pointed out some green, tweed Balance and she fell in love and said it was “perfect!”  Now how’s that for customer feedback!  I should be an O-Wool spokeswoman!

I’ve also started a new project but this one is for the store – HCW.  I’ve found that a lot of us over there are huge fans of Brooklyntweed and he not only has a pattern in the latest Interweave Knits but his hat – Koolhaas is in the Interweave Holiday Gifts.  We just got a shipment of really wonderful, yummy Merino Alpaca from ShiBui  “and wouldn’t it just make the most wonderful Koolhaas?”  Of course it would!


One Response to “What do you think?”

  1. NIKA Says:

    I think that was very smooth sales move!
    I did check out O-wool on web sites, and I am lusting after it. Colors are fab. I am just trying to come up with an excuse to buy the yarn haha!

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