Who Knew?

Working in a yarn store is fun! Not only do I get to play with yarn all day and by “play” I mean stock and arrange shelves and make things look visually appealing, I get to talk about yarn and knitting and gauge and give advice and help people! I had a lot of fun today, I was kind of nervous and I’m still learning everything and I have to ask a lot of questions but it’s all worth it. On top of which it looks like I’ll be teaching knitting classes sooner than expected. The woman who currently teaches at Craft O Rama wants to leave early, she is due to have a baby soon and I don’t really blame her, so my first day will be the 20th! Tomorrow I’m going to observe, meet people and get a feel of the class since I am keeping the same format.

Yesterday I decided to cleanse my brain and participate in a little retail therapy. Why is it that buying something can instantly make a person feel better? Once a year I try and buy new blue jeans. Because I live in TX and one day out of the year it gets down to 75 degrees,  so new jeans aren’t essential but the last two years I’ve been shopping at Charlotte Russe. Please do not let the 16 year old stick thin models discourage you. They have some really awesome tops and their jeans are freaking fantastic!

I bought two pair of these! If you’re short like me, check them out. You won’t be dissapointed!


Oh and I’ve found my next project.


Long sleeves, shorter, maybe cream or black?


5 Responses to “Who Knew?”

  1. Soknitpicky Says:

    Ooh, I’ll have to check out those jeans! And I didn’t know the new Vogue was out yet–can’t wait to see it (the website is out of commission)

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    It’s their holiday issue. 😀

  3. nika Says:

    I would say , Cream even white.

  4. Ella Says:

    Oooo – definitely a fan of the sweater. But definitely with longer sleeves! I’m a fan of black, personally, but I think a nice yummy cream color would be good too… maybe with a similarly knit shell underneath it and your nice new jeans? In fact, this might even call for a new pair of shoes. 😀

  5. Stacey_CrimsonPurl Says:

    So glad you are enjoying working in the yarn shop!

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