8 Random Things

I was tagged by Maryse.

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1. I am adopted. I was four years old, my parents adopted both my sister and I together. My mom tells me the first thing I did when she scooped me up at the airport, was punch her in the nose. In my defense (I don’t remember doing it), some strange woman coming at you and grabbing you while smiling and crying can be pretty darn scary, especially for a four year old.

2. I went to a fine performing arts high school. I studied the piano. I took lessons for about eight years when I was younger and studied piano in high school for two. I haven’t played in years and I doubt I’d remember how to even play anymore, but I hear it’s just like riding a bike.

3. In the same vein as my adoption. In 1998 my birth mother found me and contacted me. We wrote each other for two years and in 2000, almost two months after giving birth to my daughter, my family and I flew to Korea to meet my biological family and to attend my Korean sister’s wedding. It was quite an experience but wish I had had more emotional preparation.

4. I have never done drugs of the illegal kind. I’ve never even experimented. When my kids get older and they get to that point where they want to try stuff and they ask me if I’ve ever done it, I can honestly say NO and as silly as it may sound, I’m proud of that.

5. I am a complete slob. I hate doing housework, in fact I’m pretty terrible at housework which is funny considering I’m a stay at home mom. Every once in awhile though, I’ll be hit by waves of the “got to have a clean house NOW” bug and I’ll frantically go on a cleaning binge at 1 o’clock in the morning.

6. I have a sick and dirty sense of humor. Case in point. Cracked. Warning: It’s a video, definitely NOT suitable for work and definitely NOT suitable for children. I laughed like crazy.

7.  I am in love with Stephen Colbert.  He is pretty much the perfect man.  He’s funny, intelligent, geeky, humble, down to earth….  Matthew McConawho?  I wonder if he does vanity searches?  I wonder if he does, will he see this?  Stephen… Marry me!   BTW, that is not a question.

8.  More times than not I will read the end of a book first.  Well technically my system looks a little like- read the first two chapters, get bored, read the ending, am enticed by the ending enough to want to finish reading the entire book just to see how the ending came about.  I really don’t think I lose anything with this method, in fact I’m fairly sure that without doing it my way, I wouldn’t have finished at least 60% of the books I have read.

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2 Responses to “8 Random Things”

  1. elanknits Says:

    When I get hit by a got to clean the house NOW bug, I usually have a baby in the sometime in the next 24 hours, thankfully both of these things are unlikely to ever occur again (I love the kids I’ve got but more & I’d be batty).

  2. Carolyn Says:

    The way you are with books I am with movies. I like people to tell me the endings of movies they have seen because it makes me curious enough to see how it got there to actually see the movie. Telling me the ending is just about the only way to interest me in a movie.

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