How rad is that?!

Disclaimer: Following post will be filled with many *huge grins*

Guess who will be working at Hill Country Weavers? *huge grin*

I didn’t hold my breath because I knew a ton of people had to have wanted the job. Seriously, if you’re a knitter, crocheter or just have some weird yarn fetish, you want to work there. So I’m just “over the moon” happy that they called me and asked me to work there. *huge grin* It all works out too because after work I can swing over to Craft O Rama and teach my class, because they are literally 2-3 blocks away! *huge grin* Speaking of Craft O Rama, Vickie Howell will be teaching a class there on the 14th! She’ll be teaching how to knit fingerless mitts.

I still haven’t found that perfect pattern to knit but I did come across Parikha’s Juliet and while the original pattern did nothing for me, I must say that after seeing hers, I’m seriously contemplating knitting one. She did such an amazing job, I love it!


One Response to “How rad is that?!”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    that rocks! congratulations!

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