It’s Inevitable

The whole “one project at a time” is coming back to bite me in the butt. Salina has bored me to death, while very beautiful I’ve come to the end of my rope with her. I separated the front and back and knit about eight inches from the armholes before realizing that she was a tad on the small size, like small enough to fit a toy chihuahua. So while my chest greatly resembles that of a 10 year old boy…. I’m just not that small. She requires a little extra attention and I’m just not “overjoyed-thrilled” by the project to give it to her. Last night as I was perusing Ravelry I came across the entrelac socks by Eunny Jang and for a millisecond I was seduced into thinking that I’d like to knit those. Then reality hit and I woke from my sock porn induced haze and remembered that I don’t like knitting socks. Determined in my quest to find that “perfect” project I came across many “suitable” projects but nothing that has spoken to me. What’s everyone knitting these days? Any cool “must have” patterns? Leave me a comment, send me an email…. Don’t make me knit socks, I implore you.

A couple of ideas… Bryant’s Slipover(for some reason I always read that as SlipCover,) and the Minimalist Cardigan from Interweave Knits Fall 2007. I have yet to knit anything from that issue and I like to try and knit at least one thing from the books/magazines I buy.

As a consolation and to feed my creative soul, later today I think I’ll go drown myself into a big bowl of the best creamed corn and unless you live in Texas or have a Rudy’s in your area, you have yet to experience really awesome creamed corn. Of course if creamed corn is not your thing(blasphemy!) you could always get some of their BBQ which is really freaking fantastic and that is high praise coming from someone who lives in BBQ country and doesn’t care for it. Of course my cravings are subject to change at any time, just the other day I really really needed a fish sandwich from McDonald’s. (I refuse to be embarrassed by this.) So why is it that something you’ve hyped up in your head never ends up being as awesome as you remembered? Yeah yeah, it’s McDonald’s.


3 Responses to “It’s Inevitable”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    I’m knitting Tree Jacket and the Hemlock Ring Blanket among other things. I did knit the Minimalist Cardigan and really liked it.

  2. Ella Says:

    I totally used to love those fish sandwiches. I looked forward to Lent every year – since we couldn’t eat meat on Fridays my mom would take us to McDonalds for fish sandwiches. Yummmm.

    The Hemlock Ring Blanket is a great idea. I was also perusing ravelry last night for a good shawl/stole idea and ran across the Hanami Stole… kind of intriguing… maybe two halves of the eyelet bit? Or what about the Gallery Jacket by Cirilia Rose?

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    The Hemlock Blanket is beautiful but looks like way too much work. I’m feeling very very lazy these days. LOL.

    I love the Gallery Jacket, and I’m kind of iffy about Tree Jacket. Speaking of Tree Jacket… Licorice Whip! I should look into that one!

    Thanks ladies. 😀

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