A Comedy of Errors

Because quite frankly, after the night we just had, you just have to laugh or else you’ll cry and crying just isn’t good.

We have been a one family car since July after we sold my Explorer – gas prices, old, lot of miles etc.  So we figured that it was finally time to start shopping for a second car.  Yippee!  Test driving cars is super fun and if you’re a speed demon like me, you can totally freak out the 80 year old sales man test driving the car with you.  He actually called me “young lady.”  I wasn’t really going that fast either….  But I digress.

Yesterday evening we decided to head back up to Austin and test drive a lovely Volvo(yay Volvo’s!)  Except my husband’s car decided to take a big ole pooper right there on the frontage road and overheat.  AWESOME!  Nothing says “you need another car” like your only car breaking down while on the way to test drive another car.  Got all that?  No?  Me neither, and because it was after 6, no car rental places were open.   It costs $110 to get a taxi from Austin to where I live.  On top of that, the taxi’s aren’t equipped to take credit cards and we didn’t have $110 on us, so after dropping me and the kids at home, my husband had to go back out the with the guy to the bank.  We did manage to get home in one piece, by 11 p.m. Oh and  if I hadn’t of bought a buttload of yarn earlier that day, we would have had enough cash to pay the taxi driver.

*insert manical laughter*

As of now my husband is waiting for enterprise to come pick him up so that we can rent a car for the week.   It was a lovely evening, one I hope never to have to repeat.  Thankyouverymuch.


2 Responses to “A Comedy of Errors”

  1. yarnnut Says:

    Yikes… that’s no fun. I hope everything works out and you get to the dealer eventually. I can’t wait to hear about your new car:)

  2. soknitpicky Says:

    Ouch! No fun. Hope things start looking better for you. At least you have a buttload of yarn, right?

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