Bringing Salina Back

Ages ago I started knitting Salina from Vintage Knits but never finished. I’m sure y’all read about my experience with “the grafting method that shall not be named.” The idea of grafting sleeves onto a sweater has always made me immediately write off a pattern. “Forget it, can’t do, not going to try.” So Salina has sat on the back burner just waiting to be frogged, but autumn is right around the corner and I’m feeling “crazy insane” enough to try and tackle a sweater.


It seems like such a shame because I have already finished the back but in order to spare my sanity I’ve decided to knit the main body in the round so I won’t have to seam the front and back together, leaving just the grafting of the sleeves, which I think is more than enough of a challenge right now. I’ll let you know when I get to that part, or maybe you’ll already know because I’m sure I’ll be drunk the entire time to take the edge off and all my posts will look like I let a spider monkey type it.


One Response to “Bringing Salina Back”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    I’ve been wanting to knit this since the first time I saw it. I’m sure you’ll beat me done, but that way I’ll learn from you 🙂

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