I was discussing with a friend just recently about yarn and how I haven’t really been completely bowled over by anything I’ve worked with lately.  Not only that but color selection hasn’t really wowed me either.  Oh sure I’ve found stuff I like and colors that are pretty and interest me and fun to knit with but every once in a while it would be nice to just be completely swept away with a purchase.

Last week I took a day trip up to Austin and decided to pop into one of my favorite yarn shops, Hill Country Weavers.   Normally I need a set plan in order to purchase something.  Ideas for the yarn, weight, color, gauge, fiber, and project, but this time I just went in and roamed around the store and just looked and waited for something to jump out at me.


The color is gorgeous and this coming from someone who is not a big blue fan.  I had to quickly scan the recesses of my brain to think of something I could knit with this because I had to have it.  My original plan was to knit the summertime tunic from interweave knits, but as I thought about it I changed my mind and decided to knit the beaded cami from black dog designs.


I am so in love with this yarn.  In love, impressed, obsessed, can’t put it down….  I think I need to start amassing a yarn stash starting with wool bam boo!


5 Responses to “Impressed!”

  1. Maryse Says:

    I really look forward to see your beaded cami! I saw one on Team Knit and I think it’s a very nice pattern! And truly enjoy visiting your blog and see what you knit! Thanks for sharing!

  2. nika Says:

    I saw your pic with over the knee boots. Are they from Bakers? It they are, I got them last winter!!!

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Thank you so much Maryse. I love knowing that people actually read and enjoy!

    Nika-They are from Bakers. Almost all my heels are from there, it’s my favorite shop and I am jealous you have them… I held out because they’re $170 and hoping they’ll go on sale. 😀

  4. NIKA Says:

    I do think we have the same taste in shoes. Have you checked black patent leather boots from Victorias Secrect? They have red bottom and super sexy. I have them also..:)


  5. Mira Says:

    that’s some gorgeous yarn you’ve got there! Can’t wait to see the beaded cami all knitted up!

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