Basic Baby Doll and Panty




Basic Baby Doll and Panty 

Pattern:  Knitting Lingerie Style  – Joan McGowan-Michael

Yarn:  6.5 skeins of Berroco Bonsai

Needles:  #4, #6, #8 – US Knit Pick Circulars

Gauge:  5 stitches per inch on #4US

Pattern Notes:  I made several modifications.  The most noticeable is of course the deletion of the split front.  Unless you’re Cindy Crawford, the average woman just isn’t too keen on flaunting their stomach, myself included.  I cast on less stitches for the top part and without wanting or trying to, I knit the top on #4 needles which is two sizes smaller than what the pattern calls for.  Somehow it works but was unintentional.   The lace portion is an inch longer and the panties had to be reknit twice due to largeness.  I also added a ribbon instead of elastic for the panties and omitted the elastic all together for the top because it is very snug already due to knitting with the wrong sized needles.  Overall it’s a great little project, it’s fun and quick and cute.  Oh and I won’t ever knit with the berroco bonsai again.  Beautiful yarn, it’s almost all bamboo with a tiny thread of nylon which gives it a wonderful sheen but trying to knit and seam with it is a pain in the butt.  My needles kept getting caught on the little thread of nylon.


If you detect a tiny spot of orange on the panties… that would be where I dripped orange juice while fighting a cold earlier this week.   By the time I realized it, it had already dried but I did rinse it, unsuccessfully.





16 Responses to “Basic Baby Doll and Panty”

  1. chrispy Says:

    you are a bold women to model those, but they look amazing. Great job. When my schedule clears I hope to make something from this book.

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Beautiful job! The color looks great on you! Thanks for the notes about the changes you made.

  3. Maryse Says:

    Well done! Good idea, not to split the front. I thought the original looked kind of funny anyway. It’s amazing, I never thought knitted undies could look so delicate and feminine!

  4. loopylulu Says:

    Cute! I like the mods. Is the underwear comfy?

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    Thank you so much everyone.

    loopylulu – The panties are comfortable but I think they’re cuter in theory. I can’t imagine actually wearing them other than as a “prop.” LOL

  6. Rain Says:

    Nice job! The mods you made are sensible and totally awesome =)

  7. Lily Says:

    WOW! You are very daring to model it. But then again, you got great body to show 🙂 Nice FO as usual and it looks sexy on you!

  8. nika Says:

    that looks so amazing!!!! Another fabulous finished knits from you!

    What’s next?

  9. shadkitty Says:

    That’s beautiful! I was trying to find a good substitute yarn for this pattern.

  10. Elizabeth Says:

    Thank you!

    Nika – I am working on the beaded cami from black dog designs. 😀

  11. Catherine Says:

    Amazing work! Great notes and thanks for you insight on your yarn substitution.

  12. NIKA Says:

    Oh, that beaded cami is SO you!!:)

    What is your all time favorite pattern?

  13. Bobbi Says:

    very cute! it looks great.

  14. Alice Says:

    About the Bonsai yarn … I am trying to use it now. The pattern says 4 inches/20 stitches on size 7 needles. I get about 5 inches in 20 stitches, even when I switch to size 6 needles. I can’t imagine anybody getting the correct gauge on this yarn. So your using needles two sizes smaller might have been a stroke of good luck. 😉 I’d like to know what gauge other people are getting with the Bonsai (which is a ribbon). You look wonderful, and the knitting is beautiful!!

  15. Cristian Constatin Says:

    Great article mate, I am waiting for new stuff soon 🙂 Please check and leave me your opinion. Thanks

  16. salon infrumusetare timisoara Says:

    You are right. I am more comfortable wit my stomach hidden away

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