I’m square!

I recently went back to the gym and thought that I could just use my blackberry pearl mp3 player while working out.  Unfortunately the only headphones that fit the jack is pretty size specific and the headphones provided only accommodate one ear which is just weird.  I made a trip to Best Buy today to find new headphones only to find that they’re $40 so I started looking around at the mp3 players and saw the iPod Shuffle.  How cool is it that it’s so tiny and it just clips right to your clothes, so I asked a sales person for help and she brought out a very pretty purple shuffle and I thought to myself “that’s it!”  And then she turned back to the case and pulled out the new iPod Nano….  Well forget it, she had me at “square.”  I can put videos, photos, podcasts, etc. on it.  How much better is that than the little shuffle!  Now I only need one of those nifty armbands.


I stayed up so late last night, till 2 a.m. just knitting and listening to music.  I was so proud of myself because I finished the front of the basic baby doll and seamed up the sides.  As I was seaming it dawned on me that the two halves were not the same size.  “No problem, I’ll make it work.”   As I was casting on for the lace I switched needles and realized that the needles I had used to knit the front was a size smaller than the needles I used for the back.  DUH!  No wonder it wasn’t the same size.  I suppose it wouldn’t have hurt to keep as was but I decided to take it apart and redo the back using the smaller sized needles.



One Response to “I’m square!”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    those new nanos look so cool!

    that sucks about the needle size, I guess at least you realized it and can fix it.

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