Free to good home


Oh sure he looks all sweet and innocent but that darn cat has the ability to wreck carnage on the most undeserving of suspects.

Exhibit A: picture-4015.jpg

Exhibit B: picture-4017.jpg

Apparently the yarn would not give up its accomplices and therefore drastic measures needed to be taken. Next time sign the confession and Boog won’t have to rough you up.

If you’re wondering what I’m working on: picture-3833.jpg


3 Responses to “Free to good home”

  1. Rain Says:

    Hello! I just came across your blog and I think I went through all your archives and must say that you’re an amazing knitter and your blog is super entertaining! Kudos to ya!

    Ps. Can I have that cat?

  2. chrispy Says:

    My lovely knitting companion tried to do in my knitting needles this week. Thank goodness I could just sand them down.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Rain – Thanks so much. I’m glad people enjoy my blog! Despite Boog’s inability to keep his teeth away from my yarn, I adore him and could never give him up.

    Chrisy – I went to use a pair of my inox express and realized there were tiny ridges up and down the cord. Ridges so tiny they could have only been made by little baby kitten teeth. Grrr. Fortunately I got some super fine sand paper and filed the ridges down. They aren’t gone completely but enough that I can knit without yarn snagging.

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