Much better!



Much tighter knit stitches along the tear drops!  I’m quickly falling in love.  *swoon*  I have so little to say these days, I feel terrible.  I blame it on summer vacation and the fact that I don’t use a lot of brain cells this time of year.  Plus, it’s TX and it’s been 5 bazillion degrees since January.  Heat+summer vacation = fried.



Can I take a moment and vent about incompetent office managers?


*You’re the freaking office manager.  You’re supposed to be on top of everything going on in the office.  DO YOUR *^%$#@^( job. *





3 Responses to “Much better!”

  1. soknitpicky Says:

    Your progress is looking great! (sorry about the frustrating office manager)

  2. mari Says:

    That is really beautiful. I love it. The color is great.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Thanks soknitpicky and mari!

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