Lace Nightie



Pattern Notes

Pattern Source:

Yarn: One strand of Mina Dina(Pink), One strand of Contessa(White) – worked together

Yarn Source: The Old Oaks Ranch

Gauge: 5.25 stitches per inch

Needles: #4 US Addi Turbo – 24″ Circular

Modifications: I wanted to wear this top as a camisole and the original pattern calls for a very deep back. I added height to my back, but because of that I also had to adjust the armhole bind offs and top shaping. The straps are done in stockinette stitch instead of and i-cord and are kitchener stitched together instead of the tie and bow method in the original. It’s a lovely shirt and can be used as both a nightie or a top!

Had I to do it over again I’d make further adjustments to the straps(what is with me and straps?) I’d also adjust the front to have more shape instead of the straight across line which really isn’t that flattering.








6 Responses to “Lace Nightie”

  1. Soknitpicky Says:

    Whoa–I did a double take. Didn’t you just post progress pics yesterday? I can’t believe you’re done already! And it looks great to boot!

  2. Rubys N Purls Says:

    Wow!!! That is gorgeous!!! You did a great job!

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Thank you and yes, I can’t believe I just started this a few days ago!

    I’m going to finish my Sahara now. It’s about time.

  4. Alexia Says:

    Love your lace top or nightie! You did a great job!

  5. Yarngineer Says:

    I think it still looks really cute on you. I agree on the neckline though. A little curvature would make it even more flattering.

  6. craftlover Says:

    I love this, it’s very gorgeous!! 🙂

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