More or less back

I am at the point where I need to decide whether or not I want more or less back. On one hand if I have more back I can wear the lace nightie with a shirt underneath as a camisole. On the other, if I have less back it will be a lot sexier and truly more of a nightie, which upon further thought, I’m not sure why it’s even called a nightie, it’s definitely more of a camisole because it isn’t long enough.


Ahhh. Pretty detail!



5 Responses to “More or less back”

  1. NIKA Says:

    It looks so pretty!! I thought you were going to make this into a dress…..

    I am still working on IC dress. I had to frog it few days ago because I twisted it! You know they always say in the pattern, “be careful not to twist”? I was well into 5″ then realized. I want to finish this by end of the june and start my fit and flare skirt from Knitting in lingerie style in July.

    Happy knitting!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Nope, no dress, not this time! Just a simple camisole.

  3. soknitpicky Says:

    Man, you are FAST! I thought it was weird that it was called a nightie, too, since it’s pretty short for that. I guess maybe you’re supposed to wear it with the thongs in the issue? I think it’d be pretty in any length, but it may depend on how much yarn you actually have?

  4. Dipsy D. Says:

    Awww, this looks so beautiful! I’ afraid I wouldn’t have a chance to decide either whether to add more or not – but I think a camisole it should be! It’s gorgeous and I’m certainly impressed by the speed with which you’re knitting!

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    It’s a very quick pattern. I was surprised I was able to memorize the lace, that and I stay up way too late knitting. LOL I’m almost finished!

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