What to do?

So… because I didn’t following the directions explicitly I am in a quandary. Somewhere, somehow(I blame TV) I made a mistake and now I have less back stitches than front stitches. Like… um… maybe five less stitches. *whoops* Normally I wouldn’t care, but because Sahara has that whole wrapping and turning for the hem, my hem won’t be even on the sides. Besides this one teeny tiny problem, Sahara is turning out very nicely!






3 Responses to “What to do?”

  1. Lolly Says:

    It’s a minor problem – I wouldn’t worry about it! It really looks lovely in this pink!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I rearranged the stitch markers… as it was I didn’t really need to worry about it. Between the wrapping and adjusting to have the amount of stitches needed for the lace, it all turned out. LOL.

  3. Kim Says:

    Lovely! I also really like this color. It will look wonderful on you.

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