Ho Hum

My in laws are moving back to MI tomorrow and the hubby and kids are helping them pack, or rather my husband is helping and the kids are probably just getting in the way.  Since I don’t really enjoy packing I chose to stay home.  😉

I’ve been working on Sahara as I wait for my needles.  I’m liking the berroco softwist more today than I was last night.  I guess it takes some time to get used to.  I am fairly surprised at its stretching ability.  I was pretty sure that the back was too small but I tried it on and luckily it’s not.  It’s not a very exciting project but usually stockinette stitch isn’t what I would normally call “thrilling,” but it works when you’re watching a CSI marathon on tv because I don’t have to pay attention to what I’m doing.  I’m kind of tempted to frog back to the arm holes and make some adjustments but I’ve already connected both fronts to the back and I’m not really sure I want to go through the trouble.

Had a lovely talk with my mom today.  Why is it that all mothers seem to think they know what’s best?  For instance my future is of great interest to her, especially my choice in careers.  I had my kids young and after a lot of discussion, chose to be a stay at home mom until they were both in school.  My mom having never had that opportunity really thought it was the best for her grandkids and wholly supported my quitting school to raise them.  At the time I had grand plans to become a nurse, not so much because it was something I wanted but because it was what my mom wanted.  In fact I wanted to become a doctor but being the voice of reason my mom talked me out of that field.  As all conversations with my mom, today’s was no different.

“So do you know what you want to do?”

My mom is incredibly fun to tease.  Years before when she’d ask me that question I’d throw something arbitrary and obscure out there just to mess with her.

“Yes, I’m going to study music and play piano professionally!”

She had a field day with that one.  If anyone can find a million reasons to discourage you from something it’s my mother.   Anyway, I’ve wanted to be a doctor since god knows when.  Oh sure, over the years I’ve thought of different professions – architecture, engineering, law, interior design…. but in the end I always come back to medicine.  And so my conversation with my mom began with me trying to justify my wanting to go to med school and ended with her telling me she was going to look into the job market and education to become a nurse anesthetist.

Thanks mom!


2 Responses to “Ho Hum”

  1. Cathy-Cate Says:

    Love the “Hush Hush”! I admire your fortitude in hanging in there, and it looks great! And I’d agree, go with your gut instinct about the needles; it’s usually the little voice of wisdom that you ignore at your peril. And then wish you hadn’t. It’s great to have the blogosphere to find out things about patterns instead of learning it through trial and error — I should remember to google the next significant project I do, first, to find errors and experiences FIRST!

    And my mother’s mother was like your mother, but in a former age, obviously. My mother, who is very bright and scientifically-minded, was recommended by her mother and guidance counselor to be a secretary, teacher or nurse (of course). None of those appealed to her in the least. She helped my (now-physician) father get through calculus in college, then put him through medical school working as a medical technologist, which was a pretty good career, though her mom thought it was weird. (I’m not sure she would have been a physician in this day and age — my bet would be a software designer, actually, she’s into computers still at age 68!) Anyway, the point to this besides a certain mother type, is that when I was asked at age 5 what I wanted to be, and said — ‘oh, I don’t know, maybe a nurse?’ my newly women’s libber mom said “that’s fine, honey, but you know you could be a doctor too if you wanted to be!” I said, “Really?!” Actually, I was going to be a vet for the longest time, but now here I am, an OB/GYN. And one of my best friends and colleagues went to medical school in her 30s, with school age children, after a successful business career. Even when I went to med school (oooh, 17 years ago!!), I had a classmate who turned FORTY while in school, who had been a veterinarian — with older school-aged children. They are both very happy with their career choices and profession. Medical schools like ‘non-traditional’ students — they have generally thought long and hard about going into medicine and have much more life experience to make good decisions.
    So once again — not that you need anyone’s advice — but if something inside has been pointing you towards medicine for years — listen to it, just like the knitting! — that tells me you’d likely make a great doctor if you chose, because it can indeed be a ‘calling’. The hardest part is that parts of medical school and residency will take you away from your children (& husband!) more than you would like. But that’s much better than it used to be. Still no fun, though.
    Sorry for such a long comment!!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    It is so encouraging to hear stories about other people who have become a doctor later in life. By the time I’m through with my undergrad and med school I’ll probably be hitting 40. While the prospect of being 40 and just starting a career is kind of scary, like maybe I should think of a more reasonable career that will take just half that time… it is what I really want!

    Never apologize for leaving long comments!!

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