Waiting Game


1. Continue to knit hush hush with size 2 needles. Only problem is  the possibility the lace top will be too big and it will sag. Of course it may not… but if it does then I’ll have to frog, which I don’t particularly like to do.

2. Wait until my smaller needles arrive from Knitpicks.

I’m leaning more towards #2 because the lace stretches a lot and I’m almost positive if I continue to knit with the size 2’s it will be too big. Keep in mind I have no boobs so unless I all of a sudden hit a growth spurt at age 29 and wake up with melons on my chest… that dress is not going to fit up top. I’m slightly disappointed because I’m dying to see how this dress turns out! I’ve been trying it on as I knit and it seems to fit really well.

My progress so far. I am at the bust and so far it measures 25″ and hits just slightly over the top part of my knee. Once it’s blocked I’m positive it’ll fall below my knee which is the length I’m looking for.



In the meantime I’ve started Sahara. I’m a little torn about this berroco softwist. It’s very splity and easy to snag, I’ve made numerous snags and I’m only on row 31 of the back. I’m almost tempted to frog and start over just because I don’t like the way it looks with the snags, which according to my husband isn’t noticeable and I’m just a “perfectionist” and “stop freaking out about a tiny little imperfection.” He knows nothing about knitting.


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