A House Divided

Not that I’m really into basketball (I’m a hockey kind of gal) I enjoy watching it and I love watching my son play, and he’s totally into the sport… I was a bit disappointed by the Pistons loss last night. The game was pretty exciting, double overtime… still… disappointed. I’m from Detroit, or rather I grew up in Lincoln Park until I turned 12 and then my parents moved us out to Monroe County where I was surrounded by lots of fields and trees. I wouldn’t exactly call it “country,” but it definitely wasn’t the city. Anyway I’m kind of partial to my home state teams and I try and root for them whenever I happen to catch a game. Now I live in the land of Longhorns and Spurs so I’m pretty sure you know what team the hubby and son are rooting for. There are two games left so I’m holding off hope that the Pistons will come back and beat the Cavs, even though the hubby and son think the Cavs are more suited to play the Spurs in the finals. Like they know anything!

I started putting together a list of all the projects I want to complete this summer. I’m waiting for my books to arrive from Amazon so I can look through them and pick out what I want to knit. My list is extensive without even looking at the books. I’m thinking I may need to parse it down a bit, but a “must knit” is Lady Eleanor, which is going to be my mom’s Christmas present. There are two Lady Eleanor KAL’s over at craftster and I loved all the different color variations, but the ones that caught my eye the most were the ones knit with Patons SWS. The only problem is picking a color, they’re all so beautiful!

I CO for Sahara because I needed a break from Hush Hush. Knitting on size 2’s is a mind numbing task. Right now I am re-working the waist decreases, which I’m almost finished with. I had no plans on doing chest increases but because of the feather and fan pattern I need to have an even number of stitches between straps. I’ve read a lot of people’s notes on their Hush Hush’s and I keep reading that the top sags too much, so I’ve decided not only to do chest increases but I’m going to go down a needle size in order for it to fit snug. This is all an experiment so we shall see how it turns out. Hopefully not too badly, I have put a lot of time and work into this dress.


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